10 Feb —

Invitation iCarrez investormeeting


Three weeks ago, Frederic Pertignani published an exciting business proposal on Symbid called iCarrez. iCarrez develops a radical new method for online communication based on actual physical interaction. An exciting innovation that could spur a revolution in the way we use the Internet.

iCarrez therefore would like to invite you for their upcoming investor meeting. This meeting will take place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on Wednesday the 15th of February. VanBerlo, the company that develops the exciting technology will explain this new technology, whereas the iCarrez management team will elaborate on their business and marketing plan. Currently there are 11 confirmed participants. As seats are limited so please contact Frederic Pertignani directly if you want to attend this meeting. Kind regards, Frederic Petrignani Tel: 0653 457 168 Skype: fpetrignani E: frederic@petrignani.eu