21 Jan —

The 1200: tutorship for entrepreneurs


The 1200 is an inspiring initiative started by David Berg. With his background in business and concept development, market research and efficiency improvement projects he easily saw how a lot of initiatives fail to properly guide starting entrepreneurs.

Just offering knowledge and starting information is often not enough to guarantee the success of every starting entrepreneur. The 1200 helps anyone who has an idea; from members of The 1200 LinkedIn-group till official members with a €45-per year membership. Of any new membership €20 of are invested in The 1200 on Symbid. David strongly believes that experienced entrepreneurs are the best mentors for starters. Guidance is central to The 1200 and is offered in a range of free services to a one-and-only 'The 1200'-weekend. The 1200 is named after the 1200 investors that we give the opportunity to invest, we help the entrepreneur to earn first €1200 capital. Finally The 1200 aims to help 1200 entrepreneurs in The Netherlands. What's in it for the starter? The combination of information and crowdfunding offered by The 1200 contributes to the success of the startup. The 1200 currently cooperates with new programme innovation managers of the Europese Union to accelerate entrepreneurship. The Europese Union is willing to put down €80 million to stimulate growth and entrepreneurship. The 1200 wants to use such initiatives to introduce their services in other European countries. Right now David is busy organising The 1200- 'Acceleration-day'. A more in-depth version of this day, The 1200 'Accelerate- weekend' allows entrepreneurs to make their ideas more concrete and get the tools and knowledge they need to start off immediately. It is always possible to sign up for these events so don't hesitate and sign up now! Any questions remaining on how The 1200 can help you to become a more capable entrepreneur? Don't be shy and contact David immediately via mail or Skype Id: davidjberg1