4 Jan —

Martijn Arets has been awarded the title of 'best entrepreneur 2011' by business magazine Sprout


Two weeks ago, Dutch business magazine Sprout nominated 20 entrepreneurs as the best entrepreneurs of 2011 and asked their readers 'Who do you think is the best?'. The nominated marketing guru Martijn Arets showed his qualities and mobilised masses of voters that gave him the title 'Best entrepreneur of 2011'.

Arets quit his job and travelled around Europe for weeks in an old Volkswagen camper van. He visited and interviewed the entrepreneurs and CEO's of twenty brands such as adidas, LEGO, Koeningsegg, Skype and Manchester United. His adventures and experiences during his journey could be followed on his own site and his weekly articles in newspaper De Pers. Arets used crowdfunding platform Symbid to gather and convince 171 national and international investors to support the translation of this book 'Brand Expedition' into English. In only two months time he gathered the goal capital of €20.000, and became the first person in the world to use crowdfunding in such a way. His investors are shareholders and participate in the profits of the book. Brand Expedition is now more than just a book. Since January 2011, Arets uses this label to use his experiences to advice organisations in the field of brand strategy. He activates and involves large groups of people through social media and he likes to stir up whatever is conventional. And that worked out great: through Twitter he activated a large audience that allowed him to win from well known entrepreneurs as John de Mol, Floris van Bommel and Frits van Eerd. For more information: Brand Expedition Website Artikel Sprout