21 Dec —

Interview with Martijn Arets: initiator of the first, fully funded project on Symbid

Brand Expedition naar de beurs 12

Brand Expedition is 100% funded! This is great news of course, since it shows how you can help make a dream come true. Want to know how he did it? Check out our interview with Martijn Arets.

Congratulations with your funding. First of, what is the secret of your success? Continuously paying attention to your proposition through all media channels poss ible. Keep creating valuable novelties which adds to storytelling about your product. This way, you always have a reason to contact a new or existing target audience. It's also important to keep it personal: people do business with a person, not with a company. What's the most important contribution of your investors? Their enthusiasm, input and the strength of their network to take the story a level higher. Investors have been my ambassadors in this sense and they really helped the project grow. I expect this will also pay off in future activities. So what do you recommend other entrepreneurs using Symbid? Keep communicating, keep working and make good use of the strength of your network and the network of your ambassadors. Don't lean back but keep active! And what are your future plans for Brand Expedition? First I'm going to make this book a world wide success and show everyone that by using new business models, it's possible that a small group of people accomplishes great thing. This will be supported with the first read out loud video book on Youtube. Then the Chinese translation is on the agenda, and by that time I probably have lots of new ideas to fuel this project. Sprout entrepreneur of the year! Dutch entrepreneurial magazine Sprout has launched a list of the 20 best Dutch entrepreneurs of 2011. Martijn is also featured on this list! He lives by the following motto with all the things he does, "If you think you're too small to have an impact, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room". And because of that we believe that he really deserves this title. Please help him to win this title. How to vote: Send an e-mail to redactie@sprout.nl Subject: ''Beste ondernemer van 2011' Message: Martijn Arets, Brand Expedition.