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Beebox makes consumers co-owners of its company with a 50K crowdfunding campaign



Beebox sells part of its company to customers of sustainably food boxes


30 januari, Vleuten/Rotterdam - Beebox, the home delivery service of biological food boxes that has to reconnect citizens and farmers, has managed to raise EUR 50.000 via crowdfunding. This happened by selling part of the company to consumers and other investors via Symbid, the largest equity-crowdfunding platform in The Netherlands. In total a part of 5% was sold to 156 investors. The capital will be used to attract, educate and coach more franchisees, and to strengthen the position of existing and future franchisees.


Beebox: food straight from the land to the customer

Beebox wants to strengthen the relationship between the consumer and the farmer again by directly bringing them into contact with each other. This will lead to more transparency and honesty in the food chain. Currently, farmers only receive a 20% margin. Additionally, 95% of the food that consumers buy does not come from the region, the food’s diversity is nearly non-existent and the origin of the food is hard to trace. Franchisees of beebox function as an extension that delivers the food from the farmers to the consumers. The consumers do not pay any more for this service than he would pay in the supermarket. The products are 100% Dutch and for at least 90% biological.


Beebox wanted to further strengthen the direct relation between the farmer and the consumers by offering customers the possibility to become co-owners of the company. Walter Halberstadt, Managing Director of beebox, explains: “The thought behind creating more involvement with a crucial part of our lives, food, becomes very literal and concrete by offering a share in the company that aims to strengthen this involvement. Our goal to restore the relation between the farmer and consumers will be even better achieved. This idea turned out to be so valuable that a lot of external investors decided to join.”.


But there’s more to the beebox crowdfunding campaign than honest and healthy food, says Halberstadt: “Both the beebox customers and the new investors can expect a good ROI. Beebox currently works towards a 10% or more revenue within the next 3 years. On top of that, beebox aims to become the top 3 player in the Dutch market. The add value that will be created is very interesting for investors”. Additionally the investors will receive several extras. Depending on their investment they will get a 5% discount on a beebox subscription, a book about sustainable initiatives, kitchen equipment or a ticket to a beebox event.


Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO and co-founder of Symbid, is positive: “We see that entrepreneurs, who are capable of creating a significant social added value, can count on the support of several parties. The beebox campaign also shows there is a group of consumers looking for a way to expand the current relation they have with a company. Beebox has been very successful in engaging this audience.”.


About beebox

Beebox is a home delivery service of regional food. The products are directly delivered from the farmer to the consumer. This way, unnecessary links are avoided and a new, transparent and honest food chain is being created. In October 2012 beebox has started to deliver fresh, regional food, straight from the farmer to the consumer’s home. For more information please visit: www.thebeebox.nl


About Symbid Corp

Symbid is a listed online funding platform that helps private investors, SME-entrepreneurs and startups come together in a safe and secure online ecosystem. Entrepreneurs can pitch their business ideas to investors, and investors get the chance to invest in profitable and game-changing ideas. In doing so, Symbid brings together all relevant parties that are necessary for successful funding. Symbid is globally seen as a leader in online equity financing. For more information, please check: www.symbid.com Symbid is listed on the US OTC Markets as SBID.