17 Jan —

Level Five Quaning raises EUR 36k from crowd investors for innovative coaching program

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60 investors acquire 5% of the Level Five Quaning shares


17th of January, Rotterdam- Level Five Quaning, innovative facilitator for coaches and consultants in the business sector, managed to raise EUR 36.000 last Tuesday via Symbid, the largest equity crowdfunding platform in The Netherlands. The dividends for investors will be 5% annually, and the value of the shares is projected to rise from EUR 20 to EUR 80 in the next five years. The investment will be used to optimize business, to enhance marketing and sales and to further gain market share his business concept to the Dutch and international market. The new investment will make it possible to grow and achieve approximately 100 new customers in the upcoming year.


Level Five Quaning offers innovative software, education and guidance for coaches and consultants who are active in the professional sector. The approach of Level Five Quaning is based on the so called Quaning- methodology. The Level Five Quaning software package and the accompanying result oriented methodology make it possible for coaches and consultants to make quick, spot-on analysis and intervene in personal and business issues. .


Helma Lieberwerth, CEO and co-founder of Level Five Quaning, is elated about the successful round-up of the campaign: “We’ve noticed that a crowdfunding campaign does not run itself; you’ll have to have a decent plan, activate your personal network and continuously communicate about the campaign. Having said that, it’s great that we’ve managed to attract and bind 60 investors who’ll support the growth of our company. Of course they’ll too, profit from the growth we’re going to create in the upcoming years!”..


Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO and co-founder of Symbid, is also happy with the closing of the digital investment round: “Level Five Quaning creates a great link between coaching, consulting and software. Here, software is mainly supportive of the Quaning-philosophy. Helma shows that vision is at least as important as the final product. Something the 60 investors clearly agreed with.”.


About Level Five Quaning

Level Five is a conjunction of two major pillars supporting the organization’s philosophy: Level Five and Quaning. In his book ‘Good to Great’ Jim Collins distinguishes five levels of leadership. Level five leadership represents leaders who build on long-term success by means of a, on the surface, contradictory mixture of modesty and professional will. A serving kind of leadership is exactly what our organization envisages when cooperating with our Partners, as well as in the interaction between Quaners and Quanees. Quaning is coaching, consulting, training in 1 and more. ‘Quan’ is derived from quantum mechanics, a physical theory that describes the behavior of matter and energy, combined with the ‘ing-form’: Quaning. It forms the basis for the Quaning Communicator, a device considered to be at the heart of our methodology. For more information, please check: www.levelfivequaning.com


About Symbid Corp

Symbid is a listed online funding platform that helps private investors, SME-entrepreneurs and startups come together in a safe and secure online ecosystem. Entrepreneurs can pitch their business ideas to investors, and investors get the chance to invest in profitable and game-changing ideas. In doing so, Symbid brings together all relevant parties that are necessary for successful funding. Symbid is globally seen as a leader in online equity financing. For more information, please check: www.symbid.com Symbid is listed on the US OTC Markets as SBID.