16 Jan —

Autodidactic software tester BStriker raises EUR 150K after 5 days of public fund raising


Average investment during BStriker’s campaign was EUR 22.500


16th of January, Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Bstriker, a software solution that functions like the human brain, raised EUR 150.000 from 99 investors via Symbid, the largest equity-crowdfunding platform in The Netherlands. The entire campaign took 10 days and during the last 5 days, the last 75% of the goal capital was invested. Led and founded by Sergio Cusmai (CEO) and John Berkeljon (CFO), BStriker develops two products: BSmart, that aims to automatically detect defects in software, and BClean, that aims to automatically detect and fix these bugs. BSmart hopes to generate revenues from July 2014 onward and to pay its investors a 15% dividend starting in 2015. Bstriker expects and increase in value of the shares from EUR 20 to EUR 200 per share, partially via the given discount that Symbid-investors received. .


International ambition

BStriker stands out from the crowd by delivering as the first one a product that automatically identifies defects and learns for further optimization. This autodidactic knowledge center recognizes every development language, independent from the platform or used technology. This way, BStriker can reduce the testing costs with 70%; something international parties have shown interest in. The product is clearly a necessity, explains CFO Berkeljon: “Annually 200 Billion USD is spent on software testing and lots of defects remain undiscovered. The turnaround time of testing is experienced as ubiquitous concerning time and costs. The market is crying out for solutions like BSmart and BClean. The virtually unlimited scalability and current lead in comparison to future competitors, creates an unprecedented growth potential that we’re going to develop in a controlled way iin order to be the company with the best shareholders value for the coming years.”


BStriker International is a Dutch holding that has its headquarters in Amsterdam. The products are being developed in Cordoba, Argentine. This strategy significantly reduces the costs, but also reflects the international ambitions the company has. Crowdfunding campaign leader Berkeljon explains: “The success of the campaign shows that most people understand that there’s an obvious need for a revolutionary improvement in the software testing sector. Our proposition is very simple, we make sure that software developers are able to deliver better products in a shorter time, with less costs. Major interest from international companies but in our road map we deliberately have chosen for controlled growth scenario, and to first focus on Spain, The Netherlands and Argentine. We have a limited number of customers so the growth is controlled and The BRAIN can evolve securely”.”


Korstiaan Zandvliet, co-founder and CEO of Symbid is enthusiastic: “Symbid uses a lot of digital technology itself, so that investors can instantly and securely invest in companies like John’s. We fully understand how big the problem and its related opportunity are that BStriker solves; we are familiar with the testing and optimization of software products. It’s no surprise that this company managed to raise its’ relatively high amount of funding so quickly taking into account the scalability of the product and the early monetization.” .


About BStriker

BStriker's mission is to identify all defects of a software application, covering all operating systems, all platforms and all languages, helping companies to avoid missing defects. The concept took few years to be ready and it solves the issue of companies releasing buggy software that generates different kind of losses. After solving the main issue the next goal was to create a technology independent self-learning application which is also solved. For more information, please visit: www.bstriker.com


About Symbid Corp

Symbid is a listed online funding platform that helps private investors, SME-entrepreneurs and startups come together in a safe and secure online ecosystem. Entrepreneurs can pitch their business ideas to investors, and investors get the chance to invest in profitable and game-changing ideas. In doing so, Symbid brings together all relevant parties that are necessary for successful funding. Symbid is globally seen as a leader in online equity financing. For more information, please check: www.symbid.com Symbid is listed on the US OTC Markets as SBID.