14 Jan —

Patented toilet game for men Heppyfly raises EUR 50K from investors


Patented toilet game for men Heppyfly raises EUR 50K from investors


14 January 2013, Rotterdam The Netherlands– Heppyfly, the innovation that turns every public men’s room into a game, used Symbid, the largest crowdfundingplatform of The Netherlands, to raise EUR 50.000 from approximately 90 investors. Besides the return on investment of 6% per year, the investors receive a Gift-box with a golden Heppyfly-coin, which can be used indefinitely for all the Heppyfly toilets over the world.


During 2013, the Heppyfly game has been sold to approximately 100 hospitality entrepreneurs in The Netherlands. In 2014 and 2015 the international expansion supports a growth expectation of 100%. The game itself is very simple. The 'console' measures the score that a person creates with his urine, after which the player gets feedback about his performance via a screen. Additionally, the player has a chance to win a prize after he paid a fee of one euro. Of this fee, 30 cents goes to Heppyfly, 20 cents goes to the bar or restaurant, and 50 cents goes to the pool.


Peter Hendriks, founder and CEO of Heppyfly, is satisfied: “The campaign had a bit of a rough start. But after attracting the first investors and activating the media-machine, I noticed the enthusiasm of the crowd. The response of the buyers of the game was also exceptionally positive, both concerning the product and the campaign. I'm extremely happy that I've managed to attract and bind almost 100 investors, that will serve as supporters and funders of this unique concept! Of course all them will benefit from the international expansion in the upcoming years.”.


Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO of Symbid, is also very happy with this innovative concept: “Of course the idea of a toilet-game can be seen as hilarious, but the fact is that this product is supported by a patented technology. Additionally, the hospitality market is very much in search of innovative concepts that will attract and bind customers by creating value. That's exactly what Heppyfly is offering. Finally, we are talking about an exceptionally large group of end-users and exceptional scalability. With these facts in mind, it is no surprise that this concept attracted so many investors.”.