9 Jan —

Declaree raises EUR 40 K via crowdfunding

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No more need to store receipts with Declaree app


9th of January 2013 – Declaree, the app that allows entrepreneurs and employers to instantly digitize the entire stream of receipts, successfully funded her crowdfunding campaign, with a raised capital of €40,000. During this investment round on Symbid, the largest equity-crowdfundingplatform in the Netherlands, founder Bas Janssen of Declaree was able to attract 69 private investors that jointly invested the goal capital.


Declaree currently has an Angel Investor who has funded the entire operational costs for 2014 (salary, rent, servers, software). The funds of €40.000 gathered via Symbid will be used to develop marketing and sales activities in order to realize the projected growth. Bas Janssen: ‘The extra investment makes it possible to substantially expand our client base. Our goal for investors is to double the value of the shares within 4 years; this means a yearly ROI of almost 20%.’


Bas Janssen is convinced that the success of the crowdfunding campaign is due to the fact that a lot of entrepreneurs and employers understand that process of declaring costs needs to become easier. Janssen: ”Practically all entrepreneurs but also a large amount of employees within organizations, make a lot of expenses they can claim. All the receipts of those expenses have to be kept and manually be transcribed to a form. The bookkeeper or accountant then has to type in all the data in an accounting software program, and keep this for 7 years to answer to legal obligations. Declaree makes this entire process much easier. With the Declaree app a picture is taken of the receipt. The claim is immediately forwarded to an online register accessible to the user and the accountant. The accountant can connect this register to his own software. This way the entire paper process is digitized and a lot of time (and money) is being saved.”.


Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO of Symbid, is also enthusiastic about the application and the quick funding: ‘I am an entrepreneur myself and I am often carrying around a lot of receipts. I think this application will make life a lot easier for a lot of entrepreneurs, including myself. No more pockets that bulge with receipts, no more chance of loosing them, but everything in clear overview on my smartphone and laptop. I believe the crowd has recognized Declaree's added value, which explains the fast funding.’