23 Dec —

Dutch rating agency for professionals TruQu raises 50k with crowd funding in 2.5 weeks



TruQu surpasses LinkedIn in respect of crowd rating and reviews


23 December 2013 – TruQu, the Dutch platform for qualitative appraisals of professionals, based on reviews and ratings, concluded its second investment round on the 18th of December, raising € 50,000. This is twice as much as the first round in mid-2012. During this second investment round through Symbid, the largest equity based crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands, TruQu founder Bart Kollau managed to find in total 60 interested private investors in two and a half weeks to finance the required investment.


TruQu, serious game changer in the area of ratings and reviews and counterpart of LinkedIn, will invest the raised funds in the further development of the platform and (online) marketing activities. Kollau: “With this additional investment, it is expected that the number of users will increase substantially. We are steering a course for a turnover of some € 3.5 million in 2016.”


BTruQu distinguishes itself from LinkedIn by an advanced crowd rating system. Kollau explains: “LinkedIn is a perfect system to place your CV, update your career history and stay up to date of new developments in your area of expertise. The crowd rating system is, however, limited to approving or rejecting a skill set which needs to be summarised in one word. TruQu provides the opportunity to reflect the depth of the skills of experienced professional based on strengths and weaknesses. Finally, crowd rating offers potential hirers and clients trust; the professional does not only claim to have certain skills, but these are also confirmed by the crowd.”


Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO of Symbid, is also enthusiastic about TruQu and the fast funding: “TruQu is an example of how funds can be raised in the future. Private investors appreciate a well-thought through idea with a lot of potential. Crowd rating offers the wider public, just like crowd finance, an opportunity they previously did not have. Through TruQu they can make themselves stand out from the crowd in a unique way, i.e. on the basis of a review by another person. This is much more valuable for potential hirers and clients than a digital CV.”