17 Oct —

The Buzinezz Boozt and Symbid launch strategic partnership for higher returns


Improving entrepreneurial skills via The Buzinezz Boozt leads to better results for investors

Equity-crowdfunding platform Symbid from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and The Buzinezz Boozt, agreed upon a strategical partnership. The Buzinezz Boozt helps entrepreneurs with developing a specified vision, their entrepreneurial qualities and the different aspects of their company like setting goals, creating an 'investor-ready' company and developing the business model. Something very interesting for investment platform Symbid because of the qualitative improvements the entrepreneurs implement via The Buzinezz Boozt which increase the chances of success of a crowdfunding campaign.


Knowledge and capital support each other

The Buzinezz Boozt, founded by Ilse Schuring and Kees Kuijlman, is active in company- and entrepreneurial development; they organize trainings, coaching programs and entrepreneurship gatherings. By attending these sessions, entrepreneurs learn to create more focus, go from creating plans to the realization of actual results and learn how to get their company ready for both customers and investors.


The partnership with Symbid is good addition to their services, Ilse Schuring says: “After you've created a clear vision of what you want as an entrepreneur, and what you're going to do exactly, you can start to sell this to potential investors. Being entrepreneur following The Buzinezz Boozt program, it's only logical to also inquire about possible investors. Thanks to our partnership with Symbid, we can now actually offer access to those investors. It's more feasible for an entrepreneur to acquire funding if you've invested in yourself and the company.”


For Symbid it's important to create a degree of certainty. “Entrepreneurs who develop themselves, develop the company”, adds Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO of Symbid. “Starting entrepreneurs are often very enthusiastic and see possibilities everywhere. But in order to create a profitable business that is interesting to investors, a clear and stable approach must be chosen. The Buzinezz Boozt helps entrepreneurs to get a grip on their business model and in doing so, they create stability for investors”.


Temporary discount of EUR 400 for entrepreneurs

The launch of the partnership is being celebrated by a EUR 400 discount (over 20%) when an entrepreneur choses to participate in The BuzinezzBoozt Weekend during the 9th and 10th of October. Here, several speakers will attend and the entrepreneurs will spend 22 hours on their business plan. The discount is valid for anyone who enrolls before November 1st.