16 Oct —

Racing sports fans can experience IndyCar 500 thanks to crowdfunding campaign


Racing sports talent Jeroen Slaghekke creates a unique opportunity for racing fans thanks to crowdfunding via Symbid

Jeroen Slaghekke, the car racing talent that earlier was appointed vice champion in the British Formula Ford-races, has the ambition to participate in the American car races; the IndyCar 500. In order to make this ambitious dream a reality he needs investments that are necessary in order to participate in the preliminaries, the races, the training and in order to attract the best team. At the same time, racing fans get the opportunity to experience this sport from up close.


Via investment platform Symbid, which has gathered over EUR 2 million for entrepreneurs, the car sports fanatics and investors can buy a share in Jeroen Slaghekke, who wants to collect EUR 350.000 with his campaign. The investors will receive a potential return of 27.5% over ten years, when Jeroen Slaghekke will conquer his place in the American IndyCar 500.


Investing in top talent: Slaghekke's racing resume

After only a racing a few years against much more experienced competitors, Jeroen was appointed vice champion in the challenging British Formula Ford championship, just before he started racing in the prestigious Formula Renault 2.0 championship in 2012. Within the world of car racing, the Formula Renault 2.0 is known for being one of the most competitive racing classes in the world amongst the Formula 1. These races have been a kick-off for the careers of current Formula 1 stars like Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Paul di Resta, Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo.


Slaghekke is not the first racer in The Netherlands that started a crowdfunding campaign. There has been one more predecessor. He didn't finish the campaign successfully due to the insufficient legal structure he had created himself. That's why Jeroen choose crowdfunding platform Symbid, who has developed its legal structure in cooperation with BDO Notaries and AKD accountants. The payment traffic and money are safely managed by their e-money security partner Intersolve, who is being supervised by the Dutch Central Bank and the Authority on Financial Markets. This way, Jeroen can fully focus on attaining the potential returns for investors, which will be paid via the sponsorships to be received. How bigger the race, the bigger the sponsorships will be and thus, how bigger the returns will be.


Investing in an experience

Not only the possible returns of 27.5% is a reason to invest, according to Jeroen. The fans can also join several races: “I've always been very grateful towards my supporters and didn't want to ask for more without returning the favor. That's why crowdfunding has been the perfect solution: the fans can experience the car sports sector exactly like I do. For example via a training session in a race simulator of the possibilities to attend the races with their friends or family. Of course I will update everybody via my website.”


This pitch is also unique for Symbid, says Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO of Symbid: “This is the first driver on our platform and we're excited that entrepreneurship is indeed a lot broader than commonly assumed. If investors buy a share in Jeroen Slaghekke B.V., they can participate in a company within a sector that is usually very closed up. Jeroen is renewing the cars racing sector with his proposition. Fans don't have to stay at home but can experience the excitement and sensation of this sector from beginning till end.”


Jeroen Slaghekke expects his campaign of EUR 350.000 to close by the end of this year. After this, an evaluation will be made in order to check if there is enough enthusiasm amongst fans for another crowdfunding round. The “Jeroen Slaghekke B.V.” is an imitative of the Williams Harfield Sports Group (WHSG) and will be controlled by an administrative office.