7 Dec —

WAKAWAKA solar LED lamp to light up Africa


1.5 billion people in Africa rely on kerosene-powered lamps for studying and working at night, which is a problem considering that fuel for the lamps takes up 20% of their income and a large number of children suffer kerosene-related accidents each year. However a group of guys known as Off-Grid Solutions believe they have the answer in the form of the WAKAWAKA solar LED.

The solar-powered portable lamp is touted to provide 16 hours of light with one day of charging. It features a unique design that allows it to be easily fashioned for multiple purposes. It even has a ring that allows it to sit on a regular water bottle, for easy charging or placing to function as a lamp in the dark. And when light isn’t what you need, it can even be connected to a battery charger to keep your cellphones juiced. Off-Grid Solutions aims to get the price of the WAKAWAKA solar LED lamp down to less than $10 so that folks in rural areas in Africa will be able to afford them. But right now it will cost you $35.00 to pre-order one WAKAWAKA solar-LED lamp for yourself and to fund the Kickstarter project. Watch the promo video or head here to find out more information.