Ongoing insights into the performance of companies

Monitoring by Symbid gives you regular insights into the performance of a business on a fully-automated basis. Investors get full transparency on the potential risks and returns of their portfolio, while entrepreneurs can increase their chances of getting funded.


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Watch this short video to see how Monitoring by Symbid works


What’s in it for investors?

  • Stay up to date on the performance of companies you've invested in with powerful reporting
  • Gain full transparency on the potential risks and returns of your portfolio
  • Compare the performance of different businesses with standardized data
  • Identify new opportunities using the performance data of companies you're considering investing in


View the performance of different companies in one portfolio


A company’s performance compared to its forecasts


Which companies can you monitor?

  • From now on, all companies being funded through the Symbid crowdfunding platform will be monitored
  • Companies that have previously been funded through the Symbid crowdfunding platform can also be monitored. Please note: Symbid advises entrepreneurs to use Monitoring, but it was not mandatory.
  • Have you invested in a company elsewhere than Symbid? No problem, any company can apply for monitoring


If you’re unsure about whether a company is using Monitoring, ask the entrepreneur by posting a question in the pitch or in the Inner Circle.


What’s in it for entrepreneurs?

  • Automatically update your investors on a regular basis to keep them informed and engaged
  • Build a greater level of trust and understanding by giving your investors access to the right information
  • Convince potential investors about your business and increase your chances of getting funded with transparency and openness
  • Use the reports to analyse your own business and improve performance


What makes Monitoring by Symbid different?

  • Powerful, fully-automated reports on the performance of private companies
  • Real-time financial data streamed from the reporting systems of accountants
  • Standardized data that lets you compare business performance
  • Suitable for both private and professional investors


Do you wish to use Monitoring by Symbid? Please contact Symbid and ask us to explain how you can make quick and easy use of this service.


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