The Funding Network by Symbid offers you the quickest and most efficient way to finance your start-up or existing business. The Funding Network gives you access to the widest selection of start-up and SME financing possible, so your chances of being financed are maximized.


Besides equity crowdfunding, which Symbid began offering several years ago, now you also have access to loan crowdfunding, venture capital, angel investors, leasing, factoring, and bank loans. The best type of funding for you all depends on the current situation of your business. This could also mean a combination of different types.


€853.000.000+ invested


32.000+ investors


51 institutional investors


1261 companies funded


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Types of funding


Equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a form of financing in which an entrepreneur offers a share in their business in exchange for funding. This allows a large group of investors, "the crowd", to invest an amount of EUR 20 or more in exchange for shares in your business.


Equity Crowdfunding by Symbid is suitable when seeking funding from EUR 20,000 to approximately EUR 2.5 million,-. Your investment opportunity is featured online, and the crowd are invited to invest (from EUR 20). You can involve your investors whenever you feel like it, using them as a kind of "think-tank". The Funding Network bundles all your investors into a cooperative legal entity created specifically for your company. This way, the crowd becomes one legal shareholder in your business.

You can find more detailed information about Equity Crowdfunding by Symbid below.


Loan crowdfunding

Loan crowdfunding is a method of financing whereby you as an entrepreneur borrow money directly from a group of investors. During the term, you are responsible for loan repayment plus interest to the investor in the form of an annuity: a fixed amount paid per quarter during a given period. In the beginning, the interest portion is higher than the repayment portion. The repayment portion then increases exponentially, while the interest portion decreases.


The term of the loan may be at least 6 months and a maximum of 7 years. Symbid does not require the entrepreneur's personal liability. This means that the entrepreneur can not be held personally liable to investors in the event of bankruptucy. Loan Crowdfunding by Symbid is suitable for companies with a minimum of 3 years of history and a financing requirement of EUR 20,000 to approximately EUR 2,500,000.


You place an investment opportunity for your business online and let the crowd invest (from EUR 20). The Funding Network provides the complete legal framework within which your new investors are bundled.

You can find more information about Loan Crowdfunding by Symbid below.


Bank loan

A bank loan provides capital to your business for a fixed term. You pay periodic interest on the loan amount as compensation to the bank. A loan can be attained by an entrepreneur for various purposes regardless of the risk profile of the company.



Leasing is a form of financing whereby the lender, a leasing company, makes available equipment or assets to a company for an agreed period of time with a fixed fee. A financial lease is similar to a bank loan, with the difference being that the leasing company will usually finance the full purchase price. Leasing is ideally suited for assets such as machinery and transport equipment.



Factoring is a form of flexible debt financing in which the debt portfolio of a company is contracted to and advanced by an external company, a factoring company or bank. This party then handles the management and collection of account receivables (debt). The party in question usually receives a percentage of the assets to be recovered.

A company that outsources its debt portfolio receives directly upon sale an invoice amount minus a proportion due to the factoring company. Debt factoring is ideal for growing businesses because the level of funding grows with the size of the debt portfolio.


Angel investment

A so-called 'Business Angel' is a private investor, typically a high net-worth individual or a former entrepreneur who often seeks to be actively involved in your business after investing. Angel investors can invest in businesses through the provision of a loan or subordinated loan, but typically invest by buying shares (equity) in the company. A combination of both loans and equity is also possible. Business angels can often add extra value to your business through their knowledge and network.


Venture capital

Venture capital firms provide funding through the contribution of capital in exchange for shares in the company. This "risk" capital is known as private equity or venture capital. When acqurining shares in your company, venture capital firms may also expect a say in the running of your business. Venture capital typically has a minimum financing requirement of EUR 250,000.


Funds and family offices

A fund typically consists of a set of investors who together contribute towards an amount (net assets) which they then invest in stocks, bonds, property etc. Investment funds often specialize in a particular sector or region. A family office works in a similar way, whereby capital is invested by an office owned by a particular family.


Personal advice

  • An independent financial advisor will personally guide you to the best type of financing
  • The advisor will assess whether you have all the information, and help you to complete the funding request
  • Your funding request meets the exact needs of investors, speeding up the funding process


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Why The Funding Network?

  • The Funding Network by Symbid brings you to the right type of funding for your situation
  • Increase your chances of getting financed by connecting to a network of tens of thousands of private investors and more than 50 institutional investors
  • Optimize your capital structure. The most suitable type of financing depends on your situation. This could involve a combination of different forms.
  • Get funded quickly. An independent financial advisor guides you to the best type of financing and helps in the preparation of your funding request. This accelerates the funding process.


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Keep investors in the loop

Symbid Monitoring makes informing investors of the performance of your business as simple as possible.



  • Giving investors better information builds trust and confidence
  • Informed investors have a better understanding of your company's specific circumstances
  • Full transparency of business performance increases your chances of getting financed


More information about Monitoring by Symbid


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Legal structure

Equity crowdfunding

A new investment cooperative (a Dutch legal entity) is created for every fully funded investment opportunity, so one per business. This happens once the funding target has been reached. The various investment cooperatives are separate entities and so not at risk when one of the other investment opportunities is defaulting. Through these investment cooperatives, investors become indirect shareholders in a business. The number of membership certificates recevied by an investor in an investment cooperative is propotionate to the size of their investment.


The function of the investment cooperation is not only financial but, for the entrepreneur, the cooperative is also an opportunity to reach out to their investors. The entrepreneur can, through the cooperative, seek advice or knowledge from their investors. The entrepreneur can also use the cooperative to obtain the approval of their investors as legal shareholders for major decisions affecting the business such as, for example, an increase in share capital.


The memberships (and investments) are, to a limited extent, transferable – but only after obtaining permission from the board of the relevant investment cooperative.


Loan crowdfunding

With loan crowdfunding, the entrepreneur enters into a loan agreement with their investors. Symbid provides a legal structure within which all investors are bundled. This is all managed by a professional party.


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Fees of The Funding Network

For personal advice on the best type of funding for your current business situation, we require a registration fee of EUR 350 (excl. VAT).

What do you get in return?

  • A personal interview with an independent, professional financial advisor
  • The advisor performs a quality check of your materials: is your documentation complete and suited for investors?
  • After the interview you'll receive a detailed funding scan via email, outlining the funding options available to you
  • The advisor also explains your next steps and whether anything else is required before you get funded
  • Your funding request can then be presented to tens of thousands of private (crowdfunding) investors and/or up to 50 institutional investors

*if more hours are required to complete the funding request than prescribed, these will be counted as extra hours


Cost equity crowdfunding - No cure no pay

At Symbid you only pay a success fee in case your campaign is a success and you get the funding you need. Goal amount not reached? You don’t pay the success fee.


Success fee

The success fee is flexible and depending on 1. The amount raised and 2. the duration of your campaign. At Symbid we believe that entrepreneurs who are actively promoting their campaign and as a result finish their campaign quickly, should be rewarded.


Funding amount Success fee  
  Normal Finish campaign within 1 week
< EUR 250k 7% 6%
EUR 250k - 500k 6% 5%
> EUR 500k 5% 4%


Legal fees:

Once the campaign is successful a investment cooperative will be created. Our solicitor charges EUR 650 (excl. VAT) for the creation of an investment cooperative. In addition, the notary charges EUR 500 (excl. VAT) for a successfully equity offering. The costs of administrating the investment cooperative amounts to, on average, EUR 500 per year.


Loan crowdfunding fees

With loan crowdfunding there are two cost components: the success fee and the cost of return. These costs only apply when the funding target is reached.

  • Success fee: Symbid charges an upfront success fee of 1% of the loaned amount to succesfully funded campaigns, plus 1% per year of the term of the loan
  • Return to investors: the interest rate paid to investors is determined by an independent third party based on the risk profile of the company, and is on average between 6 and 9%


Fee structure example: loan crowdfunding

A business borrows an amount of EUR 100,000 with a term of 3 years (36 months) through loan crowdfunding by Symbid. Based on the risk profiling done by an independent party, the interest rate for investors set at 6% per annum. The success fee to be paid by the entrepreneur to Symbid in this case amounts to EUR 4,000 (1% + 3% fixed for the term of the loan).


The loan amount of EUR 100,000 plus interest is paid back in quarterly installment over 3 years. This payment is part loan repayment and part interest on the loan amount. In the beginning, the interest portion is higher than the loan repayment portion. The repayment portion then increases exponentially, while the interest portion decreases. The remaining debt then decreases faster and faster. For example, in the case described above, the interest portion in the first quarter amounted to EUR 1,500 and in the last quarter to EUR 135 as the repayment portion increased exponentially.


Fees for other types of funding

Bank loans, venture capital, angel investors, funds, family offices, factoring, leasing: fees to be determined by the financier.


Fees of Monitoring by Symbid

The Funding Network by Symbid requires all successfully funded entrepreneurs to conduct monitoring. The starter package costs EUR 300. This package consists of three subscriptions, 1) for the entrepreneur 2) for the auditor 3) for the investor. Additional subscriptions may be purchased for EUR 10 per month per company.


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Repayments and returns

Equity crowdfunding

With equity crowdfunding, the entrepreneur states whether or not they plan to reimburse their investors in the form of dividends.


Loan crowdfunding

With loan crowdfunding, there is no repayment-free period. There is no possibility for a "grace" period.


Early repayment

It is not possible to repay the loan early over multiple quarter. It is possible to repay the loan prematurely all at once. For this there is a penalty of 3 months interest rate in order to compensate investors.


Guide me to the best type of funding for my business


For more information, please download our entrepreneur brochure here.

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