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Symbid is there for entrepreneurs, and we believe it’s important that you get sustainable and responsible funding. The funding you get should help you to grow, without having to pay high interest rates to your investors on the short term. Therefore we offer 2 types of equity funding: Convertible bonds crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding.

Convertible bonds crowdfunding

A convertible bonds is very suitable for young and fast growing businesses. In many cases it is hard to get to a good valuation for young companies. Convertible bonds can be a solution. Initially the investment is a loan which can be converted to a share in your company.

The duration of the bond is 5 years. You decide the interest you offer on the loan. This is usually between 6 and 10%. No interest repayments are required during the duration of the loan, the interest will be added to the loan amount. De crowdfunder (Investor) will get the opportunity to convert the invested amount + Interest to shares in your company. This can be done once a significant new investor invests in your business in a next funding round. The minimum significant investment is €100.000,-.

De crowdfunders in the convertible bonds can then convert their investment to shares in the business on the same terms as the new investor, but with a discount on the share price. Crowdfunders get this discount because they have invested already earlier than the new investor. The discount is 15% when conversion is within one year, and 30% when conversion is in the years after. Only in case conversion is within 3 months, there will be no discount for the crowdfunding investors.

No new investor before the end of the duration of the loan? There are two options: 1. An independent register accountant will be assigned to do a valuation. Investors can then convert their investment to a share in the company. 2. There is also an option to extend the loan by another 5 years.

Crowdfunders who decide to convert, will be bundled in one legal entity, a Stichting Administratiekantoor (STAK). This STAK is a direct shareholder in the business and will be controlled by the entrepreneur. The STAK will issue certificates without voting rights to the crowdfunders. The board of the STAK is obliged to make make sure all economic rights of the crowdfunders are secured. For example once a significant stake in the business is sold, then an equal stake of the STAK should be sold in the same deal, to make sure the crowdfunders also benefit from this (‘tag along rights’). This means a possible ‘exit’ for the crowdfunders. When you are successful, the crowdfunders will benefit from this as well.

The crowdfunder can also decide to not convert, but get the loan repaid. The repayment can be bullet, meaning the amount will be payed at once at the end of the loan of (usually) 5 years, or lineair from the moment of conversion till the end of the original duration of the loan.


Additional costs convertible bonds crowdfunding


Creation of an investment cooperative UA: € 650,- (ex VAT).

At later stage at conversion an issuance of shares.

Administrative costs

Average yearly costs for investment coöperative: €250,-

Aandelen crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a form of financing in which an entrepreneur offers a share in their business in exchange for funding. This allows a large group of investors, "the crowd", to invest an amount of EUR 20 or more in exchange for shares in your business.

Equity Crowdfunding by Symbid is suitable when seeking funding from EUR 20,000 to approximately EUR 2.5 million,-. Your investment opportunity is featured online, and the crowd are invited to invest (from EUR 20). You can involve your investors whenever you feel like it, using them as a kind of "think-tank". The Funding Network bundles all your investors into a cooperative legal entity created specifically for your company. This way, the crowd becomes one legal shareholder in your business.

A new investment cooperative (a Dutch legal entity) is created for every fully funded investment opportunity, so one per business. This happens once the funding target has been reached. The various investment cooperatives are separate entities and so not at risk when one of the other investment opportunities is defaulting. Through these investment cooperatives, investors become indirect shareholders in a business. The number of membership certificates received by an investor in an investment cooperative is proportionate to the size of their investment.

The function of the investment cooperation is not only financial but, for the entrepreneur, the cooperative is also an opportunity to reach out to their investors. The entrepreneur can, through the cooperative, seek advice or knowledge from their investors. The entrepreneur can also use the cooperative to obtain the approval of their investors as legal shareholders for major decisions affecting the business such as, for example, an increase in share capital.

The memberships (and investments) are, to a limited extent, transferable – but only after obtaining permission from the board of the relevant investment cooperative.


With equity crowdfunding no repayments and interest compensation needs to be paid. The entrepreneur states whether or not they plan to reimburse their investors in the form of dividends.


Equity crowdfunding


Creation of an investment cooperative UA: € 650,- (ex VAT)

Issuing the shares: € 500,-

Administrative costs

Average yearly costs for investment coöperative: €500,-