Symbid's mission is to simplify the way entrepreneurs find funding. Can you help us spread the word?

What is a Symbid affiliate?

A Symbid affiliate is a representative of the Symbid funding network. Their aim is to stimulate brand awareness around Symbid and ultimately deliver entrepreneurs to our platform. Our affiliates are rewarded based on their number of referrals.

Increasing brand awareness can be achieved by, for example, presenting Symbid at events relating to SME finance and entrepreneurship. You will be expected to network and generate appointments with entrepreneurs interested in using our platform. An affiliate is also encouraged to recommend other possible affiliates to Symbid.

What’s in it for you?

The end goal of a Symbid affiliate is to direct entrepreneurs in search of funding towards the Symbid site. Every entrepreneur must complete a simple registration process before seeking funds on the Symbid funding network. The registration will be withou costs.

When the entrepreneurs is succesfully funded, the Symbid affiliates receive a precentage off the revenue Symbid gets. It’s that simple.

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