Our vision

Tomorrow’s heroes

People who dare to be different are the backbone of tomorrow’s economy. They are visionair, work day and night on ideas that most of us don’t understand yet. They are the hero’s. These hero’s shape tomorrow’s world. Then why is it, that these heroes often don’t get the stage they deserve and the funding they require, to further work on their vision and introduce it to the world?

We should facilitate these entrepreneurs so they can realize their dreams.

The Symbid solution

We make the market for equity funding accessible for ambitious entrepreneurs At Symbid ambitious entrepreneurs present their plans to thousands of crowdfunders and professional investors. These investors invest in the businesses they believe in and become a shareholder. This way they benefit from future growth of the company.



About Symbid

Symbid started in 2011 as one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms in the world. Our mission: We want to empower entrepreneurship by providing everyone who dares to be different with access to the required funding.

So far we have funded over 130 businesses via equity crowdfunding. In total for over €13 mln. Based on years of experience, everyday we help startups and growing businesses with the funding they need, so they can realize their entrepreneurial dream.

Equity funding

We believe equity funding is the most suitable type of funding for startups and young fast growing companies. Why? As a startup, you are looking for funding but also for time to execute your plans. Your company may still be pre-revenue. Een loan, where you have to start shortly paying repayments + interest is not a good idea.

Investors buy a share in a business because they believe in plan and hope to benefit from future growth of the company value. They are not looking for short term return, which gives entrepreneurs the the time they need to execute their plan.

AFM licence

Like all other parties on the financial markets, Symbid has to comply with strict regulation. This is mainly because non-professional investors need to be protected by law and regulation. At Symbid we believe the interests of both investors and entrepreneurs should be protected at all times. For this reason Symbid operates as a tied agent of Ilfa Tools & Services BV. Ilfa has a licence as an investment firm. This way Symbid is 1 of the 5 crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands which operates based on an AFM licence, while most other platform operate based on an exemption.

More about supervision

The Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht (Wft)) determines that financial parties which have a role towards non-professional investors, should have a licence by the Authority Financial Markets (AFM). In order to get an AFM licence parties are checked if they have the required processes to guarantee a good service level (Reward policy, complaints settlement, incidents settlement and professional competence) and if policymakers are integer, suitable and professional competent. De Nederlandse Bank (DNB) tests the financial strength and solvability of the organisation.

An exemption applies when the offering is € 100.000 or more per investment offer. Since 2011 Symbid facilitates small investors to invest in promising businesses. Investors can invest from as little as €20,-. Symbid Coöperatie UA is allowed to do this because we operate as a tied agent of Ilfa Tools & Services BV, which has a licence for an investment firm since March 15th 2013, registered in the AFM register with number: 14003402.