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WAKAWAKA, solar LED light

Thank you for your confidence and emphasizing the importance of a high-tech, low-cost solution for 1.5 billion people living at the 'Base of the Pyramid'

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WAKAWAKA, solar LED light




WakaWaka is the first solar LED light in the world which uses patented Intivation solar technology. As a result WakaWaka offers the best price per hour of light currently in the market due to its high efficiency.

In a world where 1.5 billion people still live without electricity, imprisoned by toxic, dangerous and expensive kerosene lights, demand is growing rapidly for solar LED light. Lighting Africa reports that in Africa alone this market is growing at a staggering 450% per year currently. Penetration is still low however, less than 1% of unelectrified families have access to solar light. Reasons are several:


There are only few quality products on the market. Most is inefficient, unreliable product which is dumped on the market at very low prices. Others are too expensive for people who earn less than $ 2.00 a day and most lighting companies simply have not found the right distribution methods to reach their customers who live in the most remote areas on earth.


We believe we have found the answer to all of these issues.


The market potential is tremendous and apart from WakaWaka being a very profitable investment for its investors, we believe it is necessary what we are doing.

People who live at subsistence level at the Bottom of the Pyramid don’t have a lot to spend and are therefore very critical consumers. If they spend a dollar, they want to spend it wisely. Technical innovations are not only wanted objects, but they also help people to become more self sustainable. Mobile phones sales are soaring, retailing at prices ranging between $ 10 and $50. A phone opens a door to the rest of the world. It enhances livelihood for people. WakaWaka can be seen along those lines with some major additional benefits:


  • WakaWaka generates direct savings of several dollars per month. Currently families spend up to 20% of their income on kerosene.

  • Wakawaka improves indoor air quality significantly. World Bank reports that each day 780 million women and children inhale the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes. Kerosene lights contribute significantly.

  • WakaWaka improves school results. Research by Lighting Africa has shown that students almost double their study hours in the evening if their parents don’t need to pay for their study light. Besides, WakaWaka provides far better reading light.

  • WakaWaka improves child safety conditions. Every year millions of children suffer severe burns from kerosene accidents. WakaWaka puts and end to this.


A very important benefit is currently in development as well. A plug-in mobile phone charger. Most people buy a cheap mobile phone without a solar cell, so they purchase several extra batteries which need to be charged on an ongoing basis, (far) away from home. The WakaWaka plug in phone charger will not only save money on charging these batteries, but also allow for some extra income from villagers who also need their phone charged. WakaWaka will be the first also to introduce such a low cost, though efficient solution for charging mobile phone batteries.


We have the experience and team to turn your investment  into products that will sell and make a difference. You will stand to benefit from the huge market demand in Africa, India, Indonesia and later also other emerging market regions. And perhaps even more importantly on a global scale: so will many people living at the “bottom of the pyramid”…. On their behalf: thank you for your confidence in WakaWaka! 


President Clinton, Al Gore, Dutch princess Laurentien and various CEO’s of large FMCG corporate as well as NGO’s have expressed both their enthusiasm as well as their support for WakaWaka. Our high level network has proved to be extremely useful to gain entrance to well known A-brand companies who already have a considerable distribution footprint in developing countries.

Distribution is key in reaching a substantial part of the 1.5 billion people living in remote, mostly rural areas without electricity. A single distribution model is not sufficient and so-called ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ markets require a disruptive approach to challenges which are uncommon in mature markets such as Europe or the US. Off-Grid Solutions therefore looks at a wide variety of distribution methods which combine make up our ‘distribution mix’.

How do we reach those remote off-grid areas?

• Traditional retail networks

• Existing direct distributor networks

• Dedicated WakaWaka sales representatives

• Piggy backing on existing FMCG distribution

• Piggy backing on widespread NGO presence & footprint

• …. More to be explored

The WakaWaka launching product will be positioned in the lower price segment ($ 10-15), though with the best price per hour of light. It has a ‘western’ look & feel to it which we know is what people are looking for.

Concrete interest in WakaWaka has already been expressed by distributors in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Mozambique as well as Indonesia and India. Setting up these indirect sales channels takes a lot of time; our plan is to develop these parallel to starting off with large corporate/NGO deals in 2012/2013 in the mean time. Preparations are well under way currently and a first field test has been scheduled for Q1 in 2012 already with a large FMCG company.

Because of its compact and light weight characteristics, and because the lamp can be place on top of a glass or PET bottle, WakaWaka makes for an ideal promotional tool in off-grid areas or areas with an unreliable electricity grid. Imagine a Coke bottle place centrally in a household, which lights up the room for cooking and studying for several hours each night. That’s cola light…

Starting from December co-founder Kim van der Leeuw (Do-Inc) has set up a sales office in CapeTown, South Africa. From there it will be far easier for us to coordinate sales & logistics on the African continent. As our financial position improves we will be investing further in dedicated people on the ground in other countries during 2012 and onwards.

Finally, is WakaWaka only for emerging markets then? Certainly not. We are already receiving inquiries from backpackers and outdoor sports fanatics as well as from distributors specialized in outdoor gear for European and US markets. Because it is designed for a rough environment, it is very suitable for camping and outdoor trips. Optimal charging in any weather condition. Sales will commence during the 2nd half of 2012.


WakaWaka charges faster than any other solar lamp with a similar size or price products. It lasts longer on a battery and the chip offers programmable features such as an emergency SOS beacon. It is the first lamp to use patented solar technology which allows for 16 hours of decent reading light on a single day solar charge.

WakaWaka can claim “the best price per hour of light” for people living I developing countries.

It can be used for reading, studying, room lighting, bedside lamp, as a torch or safety light.

The lamp also charges its battery on a cloudy or rainy day, when others no longer do. It provides 16 hours light on a full day solar charge, which is unprecedented in the price segment WakaWaka is aiming for ($10-15).

It fits on a bottle, hangs from the ceiling or on a lanyard or stands on its own foot. It comes with a range of accessories (to be expanded over time), the most important of which is a battery charger for mobile phones, extremely important in these markets where mobile phone sales are soaring.

The design of WakaWaka is another distinctive characteristic. WakaWaka is “Design for the Bottom of the Pyramid”, respecting these people’s pride and strong desire for nice looking products and their desire for high tech product at the best possible price.

Please note that OGS is currently at proto-type stage with WakaWaka. Mass production is foreseen to start during Q1 of 2012.


There are several ways to invest in WakaWaka:

Invest € 20,- or more

Receive a certificate of your investment, you are eligible for profit share and your investment will increase in value in due time provided WakaWaka is the success we believe it will be.

Invest € 240,- or more

As a bonus and token of gratitude for your support we would like to send you a WakaWaka once it is ready (scheduled for May 2012). 

Invest € 1.600,- or more

For the next 3 years you will receive all of our WakaWaka product updates and accessories including one of the first WakaWaka’s which come of the production line in May 2012.

Your can sell your shares here at Symbid. Should you, at any time, wish to sell your shares, the founders will surely make you a first offer, but you are free to sell to anyone who is interested, thus providing you with an easily accessible and efficient exit. Should you have any questions about Symbid regulations, please don't hesitate to contact us through


So far, the founders of Off-Grid Solutions funded all prototype development, initial marketing and PR, as well as all necessary technology developments from their own savings. At this moment, OGS is looking for a total of Euro 1.1 million funding in the next 2 years.

The Euro 75k we are seeking to receive from Symbid Investors is needed to take us from our current prototype stage to production-ready lamps. More precisely, will we pay engineering and design, prototype manufacturing, set-up and tooling costs as well as further sales, marketing and PR expenses from your investment in WakaWaka. In Q1 a field test is scheduled with a large FMCG company in South Africa and Kenya by which time we need to have sufficient pre production models in hand.

We made a business plan outlining also our financial planning. At planned income, investment and expense rates, an annualized positive Ebitda position is foreseen in our 3rd year of operation, with a cumulatively positive Ebitda in year four. In this year, 2014, turnover is planned at Euro 5M+ which entails unit shipments just over 1 million devices (lamps and accessories). Cumulative sales by 2016 are projected at over 2.3 million units.

In the financial model for the WakaWaka product range, subsidies, grants, nor sponsorships are taken into account. In case we would obtain any of these, while maintaining our operational margin percentages in tact, we plan to use it first of all to lower the consumer prices to grow our sales and market share, and thus reach (many) more people at the “Bottom of the Pyramid”.

More detailed financial information is available after signing an NDA with OGS.

Should you be interested to invest more than the Symbid investment platform of 75K, than we invite you to contact us directly at