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Rob ten Hoove Amsterdam, NL

Manufy - Sustainable Sourcing

Manufy is the first European platform to connect clothing brands with sustainably certified manufacturers from the EU. Fund the future of sustainable fashion!

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Our crowdfunding campaign is open to the public


Hi there,

We are excited to let you know that our crowdfunding campaign is now officially open to the public!

Already 48 investors have joined us in the first round of funding, helping us to raise already €157,300 and we want to thank you for your support. 
We've already raised 79% of the funds needed to retain our growth rate.For all the new faces, a quick intro.

We are Manufy, the first sustainable EU sourcing platform for the fashion industry. We are on a mission to change the industry towards a more sustainable and local way of producing. We do this by connecting clothing brands with sustainably certified manufacturers from the EU. You can now join our mission by becoming an investor for Manufy and funding the future of sustainable fashion!

Tickets start from €200,- and you can join via our crowdfunding page. We have already raised €157,300 proving that investors see great potential in our platform. 

So take the chance and grow with us!

With enthusiastic regards,

The Manufy Team

  • Rob ten Hoove
  • Posted 3 months ago