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Rural Spark team 7
Rural Spark 's-Hertogenbosch, NL

Rural Spark: Access to energy

Rural Spark offers access to renewable energy to emerging markets with an off-grid solar powered solution. Join us to build the energy ecosystem of tomorrow!

$532,535 INVESTED
$232,884 3
Minimum target amount Days left
€800.000 6.00%
Maximum target amount Interest rate



Turnover 2019 te recover after the collapse of 2018, not a bit too optomistic?

After reasing the P&L statement I wonder why I cannot an explanation that 2018 was an exceptional year because you expect that the turnov...


Turnover declined significantly 2017-2018. Why?

I wonder why I cannot find an explanation why the turnover plummeted in FY2018 if compared to FY2017?

At the same time direct cost rose ov



What happens if the minimum target amount of € 200.000 will not be reached?

Thanks for asking! And thanks for showing interest in our campaign!
We are about to make a few deals with big investors, just waiting for...


Are you only looking for big investments or are you also open for small amounts like € 100?

We are very happy with every investment, small and big! We are aiming to bring energy to thousands of people and we want to this with as ...


The company website:

The link goes to ... Madaster, there's a problem with the hyperlink. Have Symbid fix that for you. Sloppy work by Symbid.

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