Investing via convertible bonds gives you the right to convert the invested amount into share certificates of this company in the future

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Madaster - Material Matters!

Madaster is the global online register for real estate data on materials and products that facilitates the circular economy.

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Minimum target amount Days left
€2.500.000 6.00% 5 years
Maximum target amount Interest rate Duration
Madaster - Material Matters!

Our next target: €1.500.000,-


Dear investor,

As a result of reaching our first threshold, we are excited to announce our upcoming first intermediary closing and release of first funds. This will take place on Tuesday September 4th. All investments committed up until September 3th 23.59 will be paid in the following week and formalized in the convertible bond.

After consulting Symbid, Madaster agreed to allow for a minor change in the formal convertible bond conditions which benefits you as investor: it's now possible for Madaster to extend the bond period (5 years) with 2 more years only once (that was indefinitely). And because of our successful first closing, the campaign on the Symbid platform will be extended with 60 days.

The EUR 500.000 investment in Madaster will be used to realise some essential functionalities to our platform, like the automated connection to Kadaster and a products database (NIBE) and we will be able to enhance the Madaster circularity indicator. Additionally, we can continue to support and drive various public discussion and initiatives to define and stimulate materials registration and material passports. For more detailed activities and results, please follow us through our frequent newsletter:

With the fulfilment of our next investment target (€1.500.000,-) we will be able to continue our activities to realise a waste free building and construction economy through the registration of products and materials. We will connect to additional data sources, support our data, solution and service partners with platform functionality and improve the circularity indicator and financial valuation methodology.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any further questions, we look forward to service you.

The Madaster Team

  • Germien Cox
  • Posted about 3 years ago