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Seamore Amsterdam, NL

Seamore, the Future of Food

BECOME A SHAREHOLDER VIA A CONVERTIBLE BOND. Help Seamore realize 1 bilion seaweed servings worldwide and turn seaweed into an everyday food.

$310,387 INVESTED
$232,884 0
Minimum target amount Days left
€500.000 6.00% 3 jaar
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Seamore, the Future of Food



Last days, final push & last news from Seamore HQ!

Hi everyone, we;re getting close to the finish and we're all excited at HQ because of the result of the campaign. Lots of cool stuff happ...


There’s seaweed flying through the office at Seamore HQ in Amsterdam

Goal reached. Target secured. Objective realized.

100% of our minimum crowdfunding target has been met! There’s seaweed flying through th...


New target, 94% and 2 more weeks!

Dear Seamore crowdfunders,

Important news! We’re lowering the minimum target amount of our crowdfunding campaign to €200.000 after consult



Scientists find a cure for obesity: seaweed bread. Guess who's bringing that to market?

A press release from Newcastle University is going viral: they claim that adding seaweed to bread could be the best way to fight obesity.



Wednesday the countdown starts: 5 more video endorsements needed!

Hi all, in two days the last 10 days countdown begins. We would like to show a short & simple video from a crowdfunder every day during t...