Investing via convertible bonds gives you the right to convert the invested amount into share certificates of this company in the future

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Seamore team 7
Seamore Amsterdam, NL

Seamore, the Future of Food

BECOME A SHAREHOLDER VIA A CONVERTIBLE BOND. Seamore turns seaweed into an everyday food by presenting it as a tasty, healthy and sustainable alternative.

$196,926 INVESTED
$291,105 13
Minimum target amount Days left
€500.000 6.00% 3 jaar
Maximum target amount Interest rate Duration


Alwin Tetteroo Badhoevedorp
Barbara Acker Eindhoven
BAS DENATRIS Hollandsche Rading
Cock Vlugt Leiderdorp
D. Deventer
Daniele Garot Berkel en Rodenrijs
Gertjan Krab Numansdorp
Small_thumb_img_3199-edit Huub Rulkens Rotterdam
J W Sodderland Noordwijk
Jan van de Sande Nootdorp
Small_thumb_linkedin_54b6f1041e Juriaan de Wit Amsterdam
Small_thumb_profielfoto_small_2 Kasper Boers Amersfoort
Mieke Alers Hilversum
Niko Järvinen Heinola
phiwij Wijchen
st covenant Acceptance BERGEN OP ZOOM
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