Investing via convertible bonds gives you the right to convert the invested amount into share certificates of this company in the future

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Seamore, the Future of Food

BECOME A SHAREHOLDER VIA A CONVERTIBLE BOND. Help Seamore realize 1 bilion seaweed servings worldwide and turn seaweed into an everyday food.

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Minimum target amount Days left
€500.000 6.00% 3 jaar
Maximum target amount Interest rate Duration
Seamore, the Future of Food
The concept

Seamore turns seaweed into an everyday food. We do this by presenting seaweed as a tasty, healthy and sustainable alternative to foods we already know and love. Pasta, bacon, wraps, bread. We create these seaweed products and bring them to market in European and other countries.

Note: the minimum target of the campaign was recently changed from €250.000 to €200.000.

This is because existing investors made a significant investment directly into the company so that Seamore could finance more seaweed stock.

The total funding will still reach €250.000 if the €200.000 is reached.

Our crowdfunding movie! Watch it here!

Potential investors should read this summary as an introduction to the investment memorandum. Every decision to invest should be based on studying the full investment memorandum, including the attachments

Summary issue

  • Issuing entity: Seamore BV
  • Website issuing entity:
  • Type of issuance: Convertible bond
  • Issuance amount: Minimum €250.000 - Maximum €500.000
  • Minimal nominal value per participation: €20
  • Issue price: €20
  • Conversion discount:
    3-12 months: 15%
    12-18 months: 20%
    >18 months: 25%
  • Additional conversion discount for first €100.000 investment: 15%
  • Use of funds: Growth
  • Risk profile: Hoog (Click here for more information on Symbid risk profiles)
  • Symbid costs issuing entity: 6-7% success fee
  • Symbid costs investor: 1% administration fee
  • Target group issuance: Retail investors/ crowdfunders
  • Expected return: Not fixed. Depends on the financial results of Seamore BV

More information on the return can be found at the section "return" under "Finance"

For this offering a distinction is made between 2 groups of Lenders, both investing based on a different convertible bond agreement. Both agreements can be found under attachments:
1. Borrowers-A: Borrowers who invest €25.000 or more per person, based on convertible bond agreement A.
2. Borrowers-B: Other borrowers who invest less than €25.000 per person.

The convertible bond agreement for Borrowers-A states that in case of conversion the Borrowers will convert their investment to shares in Seamore BV, while the convertible bond agreement for Borrowers-B states that in case of conversion the lenders will convert certificates of shares via a STAK (Stichting Administratie Kantoor) which will own shares in Seamore BV

The concept

Billions of people want tasty, healthy and sustainable food. In 2050, we'll need 4 planets to deliver this. Seaweed is seen as the single most promising new source of food to address this need. Seamore turns seaweed into an everyday food. We do this by presenting seaweed as a tasty, healthy and sustainable alternative to foods we already know and love. Pasta, bacon, wraps, bread. We create these seaweed products and bring them to market in European and other countries. 3 products, 750 stores, 7 countries and 750.000 servings of seaweed, in just two years. Now is the time to invest as Seamore has learned very valuable lessons, built a platform for growth and can speed up even more!

Unique Selling Points

  • Radically lower sourcing cost (price) of seaweed due to scale & partnerships
  • Unique seaweed products as everyday foods (e.g. seaweed wraps)
  • First seaweed products to reach mainstream retail supermarkets
  • Processing technology to create unique seaweed products (e.g. seaweed bread)
  • Combination of marketing, R&D and specific seaweed knowledge in the team
  • Worldwide media exposure at very low cost through bloggers, food, news & other mass media

Revenue model

Seamore sells its products via (online and offline) retailers to consumers. Seamore makes a very healthy 50% gross margin on its products. We also sell B2B via a number of wholesalers that service restaurants and other business customers. Recently we have started selling to large catering companies.

Achieved so far

In 2.5 years, Seamore has brought 750.000 servings of seaweed to people’s plates

  • We managed to scale and secure seaweed production
  • Grew from €2.500 to €40.000+ revenues per month
  • Introduced 3 products and got them on the shelves of 750 stores in 6 countries
  • Created awareness for our company and products across the world worth millions
  • Won 8 international awards for taste, innovation, sustainability, packaging design
  • Seen as a pioneer and leader in creating the future of food
  • Built a team of 12 people from 7 countries and
  • Raised a total of €800.000 in equity and €600.000 in bank financing and loans

Required investment and purpose

Seamore wants to invest a minimum of €250.000 and a maximum of €500.000 in R&D/product development to create more unique seaweed products, further develop our food processing technology platform, boost our Sales team and efforts to increase the number of points of sale and intensify in-store marketing to reach more consumers at the point of sale.

For a more detailed explanation on the purpose of the investment can be found in the Finance section under "purpose of investment".


General risks associated with SME investing 

  • Risk of competitors in markets where the issuing entity is active
  • Negative impact through changes in rules and regulations by political decisions 
  • Changes in macro-economic conditions
  • Performance of issuing entity is dependent upon functioning of board members
  • There is a risk the issuing entity may go bankrupt
  • Tax risks through changes in regulations, new regulations or political decisions

Company specific risks

  • Slower/lower sales: Despite the good outlook, it could be that retailers are slower in taking Seamore’s products to their shelves than we expect as it is such a new food in the developed countries in Europe and the US. It could also be that products will sell less per store than forecasted.
  • Sourcing constraints: Although there are 10.000 species of seaweed and we have a great flexibility in using those types that are readily available, it could be that – due to natural causes or issues at our suppliers – supply of seaweed is temporarily more limited than we predict now.
  • Legislatory obstacles: Seaweed is seen as one of the healthiest foods on the planet, but food authorities yet have very little knowledge about it. Forced by the rise of this food source, they might feel the need to be very cautious in its usage while they gather more knowledge. This might be reflected in requirements in labelling, recommendations on limited use of seaweed and this might cause slower adoption by consumers. We expect the opposite, but it is still a (small) risk.

Risks associated with investing through convertible bonds

  • Lender issues a (subordinated) convertible bond to convert at a later stage to depository receipts to become a shareholder of the company. Lender expects an (exponential) growth of value of the company with the possibility to sell the depository receipts with a capital gain. However, in most situations, such capital gains do take more than an additional five years after conversion to be realized. In exchange for the possibility of a high return in case of a scenario of exponential growth of the value of the company, there is a risk the investment will be lost in case the company is not doing well. 
  • Subordination of bond: The lender agrees that its claims against the borrower under the convertible bond agreement used on the Symbid platform rank below all other, non-subordinated, claims against the Lender as referred to in Section 3:277.2 Dutch Civil Code (‘BW’).
  • There is no formal secondary market for the convertible bonds, hence options for trading these convertible bonds are limited. It may be that there is no buyer in case you wish to sell your convertible bond(s). This means there is a risk you can't get your money on the desired moment and have to keep your investment or sell the convertible bond for a lower price.
  • Early redemption: There is a risk of early redemption because the issuing entity may decide for early redemption before the end of the duration of the convertible bond. This means you receive interest over your investment for a shorter duration. In case the issuing entity decides to go for full or partly early redemption, it has to pay a compensation over the part of the bond that was paid back early. This compensation equals 10% of the amount that was repaid early.
  • Order of payment: Payment of returns will happen after payments to creditors and redemptions have been done. There is a risk that the issuing entity has inadequate liquid assets to pay the returns. This means that (a part of) your return can't be paid, if this occurs. In case of a bankruptcy, the following payments have priority over the payments of the returns of this convertible bond: Outstanding creditors and existing loans. This means that in case of a bankruptcy the return on the convertible bond cannot be paid.

Willem Sodderland
Founder & Seaweirdo

Willem has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. His passion is to create revolutions that benefit people and the world in multiple ways. He started the first incubator in The Netherlands to fuel innovation, the first chain of juice bars to bring healthier drinks to people and turned Buzzer into Europe's leading word of mouth marketing platform to make marketing more honest and effective.

Carel Callenbach
R&D Director

Carel has a unique combination of seaweed knowledge, food processing expertise and culinary skills. He created the first large scale seaweed cultivation and product development company in The Netherlands before joining Seamore. Carel has worked across the globe, speaks 7 languages fluently and had built an extensive network in scientific and business circles. On top, he's a walking encyclopedia.

Lars Folkers
Chief Storyteller

Lars is an communication and content expert. Lars thinks and dreams in visuals and stories and creativity. Lars is responsible for helping to bring Seamore's story to the world. He is overseeing all content creation activities for the company. And always checking an creating content that aligns with the company's wider goals. Ensuring content on the channels will stays up to date and relevant.

I sea Sales

Annika is responsible for planning and carrying out all sales activities on assigned countries. Annika is a business development professional and has three primary responsibilities within Seamore: Identifying new sales leads, Pitching products and/or services and Maintaining fruitful relationships with existing customers.

I sea Sales

Angela is responsible for planning and carrying out all sales activities on assigned countries. Responsible for preparing sales action plans, strategy sand managing quality our sales funnel, scheduling sales activity and ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships.

Dedicated team of interns
The engine o the company

Seamore has a dedicated team of interns from several countries across the world. They have all their own specialties for example: health, sustainability, online marketing, R&D and operations. Seamore loves to work with interns, It is beneficial for the constantly need further development of the business.

Legal structure

Seamore is Besloten Vennootschap (BV) founded on 28-Feb.-2015 en And located in Enkhuizen. KvK: 62681176. The Het address of Seamore BV is Westerstraat 129a, 1601 AE Enkhuizen. De website:

Contact person: Willem Sodderland, 0654777363

The product

  1. We make products with seaweed as the key ingredient that are tasty and bring significant health and sustainability benefits.
  2. To make adoption of such a new food easier, we present seaweed in ways that people already know and love.
  3. Our Pure range features products that are 100% seaweed and require no processing (except drying). Seaweed pasta, seaweed bacon.
  4. Our Easy range brings products with 50% seaweed and minimal processing that are very easy to use: i.e. seaweed wraps and seaweed bread.
  5. In the Ready range, we develop products that are ready-to-eat.
  6. These different ranges of products make it possible for a broad range of consumers to start easing seaweed in the way that fits with their needs and then try another range when ready.

Unique Selling Points

  • Our Pure products are positioned uniquely as alternatives to foods we already know instead of as 'just' seaweed. This is supported with cooking videos recipes and other support.
  • The Easy products are the first in the world and don't face competition yet: seaweed wraps and seaweed bread.
  • All our products are suppported by unprecedented levels of culinary support and inspiration: cooking tips, recipes, videos.   

Revenue model

Seamore sells its products via (online and offline) retailers to consumers. We also sell B2B via a number of wholesalers that service restaurants and other business customers. Recently we have started selling to large catering companies, also directly.


There are some scaling challenges in the sourcing of certain kinds of seaweed. But due to our unique position and scale we are in a position to solve these with partners while creating a defendable competitive advantage. Two of our partners are starting large-scale seaweed cultivation projects with Seamore as the exclusive buyer of the seaweed. For other seaweeds large scale farming already exists. We make R&D more scalable through R&D partners such as labs, producers and corporates that want to work with startups. We have shown we can easily add new markets through distributors and a multinational team. Our use of digital marketing techniques make scaling of marketing and communication easier.

Current status

Three products ('I sea bread', 'I sea bacon' and 'I sea wraps') have gone to market successfully and one product (I sea bread) is 90% finished. The unique processing technology required to make 50% seaweed wraps (seaweed as a what/gluten alternative) now forms the base for a range of other wheat-based products that we are developing, one of which is 50% seaweed pasta that allows us to create other functional characteristics, shapes (e.g. lasagna). A lot of other products are in development, including I sea chips and rice crackers. See more below.

Planned developments

We have a funnel of 15 concrete product ideas that are/will be tested in the following 9 months. For these, we will be developing new seaweed processing technologies that employ other unique qualities of seaweed (like the ability to replace wheat/gluten), such as the ability to lower fat and sugar in products.

Target group

For the Pure range of products, we target a more focused segment of functional and specific lifestyle consumers. These include glutenfree, lowcarb/lowcal, freefrom, natural, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, fitgirls. For the Easy and Ready products, we target a much broader Lifestyle consumer who is looking for a bit more organic, healthy, sustainable but with very little hassle and change. The first group we reach primarily via health/organic stores, the second group via mainstream supermarkets.

Market size

Experts forecast the market for seaweed to reach $21 billion in the next few years and expanding rapidly beyond that. Others predict the total market value to reach $45 billion in the next 10 years. An alternative, maybe more relevant way to size the addressable market is that of healthy alternatives to existing food categories. Each major category of food represents €10-20 billion worldwide. If 10-20% of such a category becomes healthy, each category represents a market value ranging from €1 billion (bacon market) to €4 billion (pasta market).


We have two major types of competitors. Older, traditional seaweed companies that bring seaweed into the market as a healthy accessory. And new entrants that are starting to bring seaweed into new products. Our advantage to the first group is that we can address the same customer base but with a much more attractive product. Our R&D and marketing are much stronger developed and our scale allows us to source seaweed cheaper. Our advantage over the second group is that we know everything about seaweed and make it our core purpose and story. In essence, we have the credibility and functionality of the first group combined with the speed and marketing savvy of the second.

Customer feedback

Through 750+ stores, we are now servicing thousands of loyal customers, spread over 6 countries. 63% of our revenues are recurring. Most are the functional buyers but with the entry of the Easy products we expect this to quickly shift to broader lifestyle buyers. At the moment, 50% of our retail customers are health/organic stores, the rest is mainstream retail. Mainstream retail is growing very fast now and will become our main channel. We have recently started working with two major catering companies and expect this number to grow quickly.

Customer feedback

Our customers value the pureness and unique health and sustainability benefits of our products. They appreciate the attractive branding and packaging and how we make seaweed attractive from a cooking and eating perspective, through cooking videos, recipes and support. All customers are positive about our mission to tackle the broken food system. The challenges people mention are smell (pasta) and preparation (bacon). The three ways we tackle these are 1) provide even better cooking tips and support; 2) create more convenient, easier products (such as 50% seaweed pasta); and 3) make sure thousands of people can try our products, through events and catering companies working with our products so that they know how great they are when prepared properly.

New customers

  • From 10.000 to 100.000 loyal customers in two years

  • From 750 to 4.500 stores in two years

  • From 2 test accounts to 2 large catering customers per country

Mainstream retail is growing very fast now and will become our main channel. We have recently started working with two major catering companies and expect this number to grow quickly.

Sales pitch

Seaweed is the future of food because it is tasty, very healthy and extremely sustainable. Seamore makes it easy to bring this unique food onto your plate and into great meals. We call this ‘eat yourself happy’. Seamore will be the leading international brand in consumer seaweed products.

What has been done before

  • Developed a food blogger outreach program resulting in 200+ product reviews in 5 countries

  • Participated in 20+ large B2C food events in 5 countries

  • Seamore’s founder has been a speaker at 30+ food, innovation, sustainability events.

  • Created media exposure worth €5-10 million, by working with PR professionals in 5 countries

  • Participated in 12 major B2B international events such as Biofach, Food Matters Live

  • Won 8 major international awards: gained publicity, free services (design, PR) and €10.000 prize money in cash 

  • Succesfully executed two(pre-sales) crowdfunding campaigns in The Netherlands, Germany and Australia

Marketing & sales channels

  • In Sales, we work with distributors and wholesalers to reach retail customers

  • Our Sales team also connects with major retailers directly

  • Our PR is designed to reach retail decisionmakers through news and business media

  • To reach consumers, we employ our social media channels, collaborations with food boxes and other ‘trial’ channels, food bloggers, large food events, PR/publicity and instore marketing

  • We create large amounts of attractive content: flyers, recipes, mini cookbooks, cooking videos etc.

Marketing objective

  • Our social media channels keep our loyal customers engaged and allow them to more easily spread word of mouth, use our products more frequently and provide valuable feedback
  • Food bloggers create curious new customers and help people cook with and enjoy our products 
  • At large food events we create trial and sell products to convert people 
  • PR/free publicity makes people curious, helps brand awareness and brings possible partners (retailers, wholesalers, ambassadors) to our doorstep


  • Seamore is part of Wageningen University’ Startlife
  • Seamore is member of the Seaweed Platform (Zeewierplatform)
  • We have harvesting partners in Ireland and Bretagne
  • We are creating a joint venture to farm several species of seaweed
  • We are discussing R&D partnerships with two of the largest food producers in the world
  • We have partnerships with two producers (wraps and bread)

Turnover so far

The issuing entity is active since september 2015. The following financial information is the most recent information available.


The following information applies to the full year 2017 and is the most recent available information:

  • Revenues: €201.863
  • Cost price of sales: €113.573
  • Operational costs: €357.102
  • Other costs: €22.069 (Interest)
  • Net result: €-497.108

After the issuance of the convertible bond the working capital will be, with the minimum target amount of €250.000, €624.564 and with a maximum target amount of €500.000 this will be €874.564 which contains of:

  • Current working capital: €374.564
  • Convertible bond: €250.000 - € 500.000

Balance sheet

The balance sheet date for the information below is 31/12/2017.

Total equity is €-498.924 and consists of:

  • Equity: €420.000
  • Agio: €40.000
  • Result previous years: €-958.924

Total debt is €939.807 and consists of:

  • Loan Rabobank €479.807
  • Convertible loan: €375.000
  • Loan Startlife: €85.000
  • Short term liabilities: €75.785

The equity/debt ratio is -33/133. After the issuance of the convertible bond with the minimum target of €250.000 this ratio equals -28/128. After the issuance of the convertible bond with the maximum amount of €500.000 this ratio will be -24/124.

Working capital equals: €374.564 and consists of:

  • Cash: €62.878
  • Other claims: €48.909
  • Other debt: €-75.785
  • Debtors € 45.534
  • Stock: € 293.028

Total loans outstanding equals €939.807 and consists of:

  • Loan Rabobank €479.807 which should be repaid per 30/6/2022
  • Loan Startlife: €85.000 which should be repaid per 3/3/2021
  • Converteerbare lening: €375.000 which ends per 1/1/2019 but can be extended by 2 years upon approval of the investors. Investors also have a conversion right.

The issuing entity has provided no securities to the investors in the convertible bond. Securities has been provided to other current creditors. The stock is the security

Projected turnover

  • 2018: €854.322
  • 2019: €4.609.970
  • 2020: €11.641.735


  • We expect we can grow from 750 stores to 4.264 stores in two years
  • We forecast to develop 5 new products in two years
  • We assume we will be able to double product rotation (sales per product per week per store)
  • We expect to bring revenues per store from €29,40 to €170 per store/month
  • We expect to maintain our current 50% gross margin 

Invested so far

  • Founder: 1 year of (unpaid) time, €50.000 cash and 2 consecutive years at a lower salary
  • Current shareholders: €420.000 cash invested
  • Convertible loan: €375.000
  • Through loans: €479.807 (Rabobank) and €85.000 (Startlife)

Investment requirement

We’re looking to raise a minimum amount of €250.000 and a maximum of €500.000 via the Symbid crowdfunding campaign, through the issuance of a convertible bond. 

We are also talking to professional investors (venture capital) for growth financing for an amount ranging from 
€1 to 1,5 million. When this capital is invested, crowdfunders could convert to shares in Seamore. However we are not certain we will be able to obtain such a financing. 

Purpose of investment

With the €250.000, we will be able to invest in the following:

  • Hiring one product developer to accelerate the creation of new seaweed products and invest in the tests, materials to develop them.
  • Invest in displays, promotions and in-store marketing materials to boost sales in shops.
  • Hire an experienced sales person to boost the number of stores, by adding mainstream retail chains, and invest in B-B trade fairs to attract more distributors and retailers.

With €500.000, we will be able to invest additionally in the following:

  • Hire a second product developer/food processing expert (with different experience/skills) to further boost the product development process
  • Invest in more sustainable packaging and test projects with our sourcing partners to make large scale farming of seaweed possible
  • Hire a sales person dedicated to the food service (catering) channel to grow this source of revenues. 


The return will consist of an interest of 6% on the convertible bond. Next to that in case of conversion to shares (for Borrowers-A) or certificates of shares (for Borrowers-B) there may be dividends and/ or increase of value in case of selling these shares or certificates of shares

Each investor can convert his/ her full investment to shares or certificates of shares via a STAK (Stichting Administratie Kantoor) of Seamore in all situations in which:

  1. The convertible bond becomes payable
  2. The issuing entity issues equity to one or more third parties for a total while paying a total of at least €500.000
  3. A transaction is execution as a result of which one or more third parties will have more than half of the existing equity in the issuing entity.
  4. De initial or extended duration of the agreement will expire within a month

Standard conversion discount
As a Borrower-A in the convertible bond, you will receive shares in the issuing entity and as a Borrower-B you will receive certificates of shares in the issuing entity on the same terms as a follow-up investor, but with a discount. This is to reward investors for the fact that they have invested already at an earlier stage. The discount will be as follows:

-15% if conversion occurs after 3 months but before 12 months after closing of the convertible bond
-20% if conversion occurs after 12 months but before 18 months after closing of the convertible bond

-25% if conversion occurs after 18 months after closing of the convertible bond

Additional discount for early birds

If the investment of an individual borrower is partly or fully part of the first accumulated €100.000 of the goal amount of this raise, this borrower will receive an additional discount of 15% on top of the standard conversion discount.

The borrower will receive single interest for the duration of the convertible bond over the initial investment. This amount will not be paid but will be added to the initial invested amount.

Redemption of the convertible bond at once, at the end of the duration, and only if the issuing entity is capable of doing so.

The investment will not provide sufficient income before the first repayment date to pay the return for all lenders.

The return will not be paid from the investments of other investors.

Lender issues a (subordinated) convertible bond to convert at a later stage to shares (for Borrowers-A) or certificates of shares (for Borrowers-B) of the issuing entity. Borrower expects an (exponential) growth of value of the company with the possibility to sell the depository receipts with a capital gain. However, in most situations such capital gains do take more than an additional five years after conversion to be realized. In exchange for the possibility of a high return in case of a scenario of exponential growth of the value of the company, there is a risk the investment will be lost in case the company is not doing well.

Next tot the investors there are no other persons who receive income (other than "costs") from this investment.

With the crowdfunding proceeds and the planned venture capital investment of €1.5 million we believe we will be able to grow this company exponentially and bring it to breakeven while doing so. During this time, all available funds will be reinvested into the company, to further increase our impact. However there can be no guarantees we will be able to secure the additional funding.

Only in case we believe we can benefit from a further increase in growth speed we could seek to close another funding round. This will only happen in case the expected returns on investment are higher than the resulting dilution for shareholders.

Seamore aims to create equally significant social as financial returns. The social impact will be measured in health benefits, ecological benefits, sustainability impact and economic impact including the creation of jobs in coastal areas across the world.



For an extensive explanation of the risks please have a look at the Risk section under "summary" at the top of this page

Declaration issuing entity

No significant changes

Since the most recently published and audited Financial Statements of the issuing entity, no significant negative changes have occurred in the issuing entity’s prospects.


There is no information about known trends, uncertainties, requirements, obligations or events that can reasonably be assumed to have indispensable consequences for the prospects of the issuing entity, for the current financial year.

No significant alteration in the financial or trading position

Since the most recently published and audited Financial Statements of the issuing entity, there  has been no alteration of tenor in the financial or trading position of the issuing entity and the group to which the issuing entity belongs.

Corporate Governance Code

As the Dutch Corporate Governance Code only applies to companies with registered offices in the Netherlands, whose shares or certificates of shares are admitted to the official listing of a government-approved regulated market (securities exchange), the issuing entity (unlisted) does not apply this code.

Potential conflicting interests

There are no (potential) conflicts of interests between the obligations of the executive board members of the issuing entity on the one hand, and their own interests and / or other obligations on the other.


There are no government interventions, court cases, or arbitrations, including such procedures that are pending or may be initiated, to the best of knowledge of the issuing entity, over a period of at least the previous 12 months that may have a significant impact, or have recently had, on the financial position or profitability of the issuing entity or the group to which the issuer belongs.


All figures in this information memorandum are not audited, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Symbid and the platform

Some Background Information on Symbid

Symbid's operations largely consist of the acceptance and disclosure of orders for retail, wealthy, and professional investors. Through its activities, Symbid supports the interaction between affected investors and progressive start-ups and growing companies in the SME in the Netherlands. This involves the financing of various types of projects that realize a positive impact the society with the help of an affected group of investors or ambassadors. Our platform provides a non-personalized, online recommendation to a broad audience, by allowing organizations to profile their project in a transparent and financially sound manner, and to professionally build and maintain the relationship with its financiers / investors.

Tied agent
Symbid Cooperation UA is a tied agent of the Limited company (BV), Ilfa Tools & Services B.V. as defined in the The Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht (Wft). Ilfa is an investment firm as defined in the Wft and has a license for this as defined in article 2:96 Wft. Because of this Ilfa is under AFM supervision.

Other parties involved with issuance


During the issuance, the following legal entities play an important role:

  • Symbid Crowdfunding, a trade name of Symbid Coöperatie UA., a cooperative association with limited liability, registered in Rotterdam, office at Marconistraat 16, Rotterdam, and registered in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 52466825;

  • Seamore BV: issuing entity as described above;

  • Intersolve EGI B.V.: Symbid has a partnership with Intersolve - First European E-money Trust - a Dutch financial institution that specializes in providing services in the field of settlement of payment transactions and electronic money. In order to be able to offer its financial services in accordance with the applicable financial legislation and regulations, Intersolve has a license as Electronic Money Institution and Intersolve is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) plus the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).