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Number 1 in gaylifestyle OUTtv

After being a market leader in gay-lifestyle TV for over a decade, we are taking an exciting next step: the launch of our interactive 'Gay Netflix' platform.

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Working on Phase II in Kuala Lumpur


Last couple of days we have discussed with the development team of Lizard Apps in Kuala Lumpur about the next level of functionalities we want to consider to improve the interactivity level of our new OUTtv tv-platform. Therefore we considered three clusters; 

1. more content - live tv, catch-up, jointly watching the linear tv experience, separate tv-channel for OUTmusic, OUT movies and documentaries.

2. improve interconnectivity - chatting functionality with members and friends - picture recognition and matching profiles based on Google Vision, viewing behaviour, social media profiles and other technologies.

3. extend news feeds about LGBTI-issues around the globe

We will discuss these clusters with our investors and core reference groups after the service is launched in Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Sweden and Finland and available for iOS and Android on mobile and tablets. Aim is to start developing this next phase from early 2018 on. We're keen to receive the feedback from our audiences and investors on these issues.

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  • Posted about 1 year ago