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After being a market leader in gay-lifestyle TV for over a decade, we are taking an exciting next step: the launch of our interactive 'Gay Netflix' platform.

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OUTtv Germany - Gay media alliance to set up first German interactive TV Platform for the LGBTI community


OUTTV Media, PRO-FUN Media and BLU Mediengruppe joined forces to launch the first European interactive tv-platform for the LGBTI community in Germany: OUTtv Pro! 

“A core part of the TV platform is the social media layer” according to CEO of OUTtv Europe, Marc Putman. “OUTtv users will soon be able to communicate and get in touch with each other through OUTtv Pro. Maybe there is even someone close by you can invite to watch your favorite movie with? This way viewing content within the LGBTI community can become a completely new experience. Of course the app can also be used anonymous. 

Axel Schmidt, CEO PRO-FUN MEDIA doesn’t think of OUTtv Pro as just a provider of video content for the LGBTI community: “Although PRO-FUN MEDIA mainly supplies movies for the platform, we would like to offer an open platform for all creative creators and distributors of LGBTI content. Besides festivals and arthouse cinemas we feel today there are not enough outlets offering or showing LGBT related products.”

Within the joint venture of gay media, the rolls are divided as follows: PRO-FUN MEDIA supplies their extensive movie collection and advices on the programming and content to be added to the Pro app. OUTtv Media will take on content marketing, the production of the live stream and the technical side of the app. BLU Mediengruppe is the main marketingpartner and distribute their relevant news items for and by the LGBTI community on the OUTtv Pro interactive platform.

The companies are connected through their years of experience in media distribution and their profound connection with the LGBTI community. Andreas Müller, OUTtv-Project Manager at BLU Mediengruppe describes it best: “OUTtv, PRO-FUN and BLU go together as Elton and John, as Gin and Tonic. Our lines of business all complement each other perfectly. Together we can deliver the best the LGBTI community has to offer when it comes to queer content. The subscribers will be the big winners! Our joint venture provides them entertainment and information of the highest quality; all catered to the LGBTI target audience”. 

The OUTtv Pro app will be available in Germany on the 1st of December 2017.  

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  • Posted about 1 year ago