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Florian Schneider Delft, NL

No longer in business Nerdalize Growth Phase

Heating houses with cloud servers. Free heat for everyone. Sustainable computing power for companies and researchers at 50% lower cost.

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Small_thumb_dsc_0351 No longer in business Nerdalize Growth Phase

We’re aiming higher, thanks to you!


Wow, the Force is strong in this campaign! We launched two weeks ago and this is what happened!:

  •  We got covered on, amongst many more: The Verge, Popular Mechanics, Now This, BNR News Radio, Bright, RTL Z . This means more than a million people from all over the world have now heard of our mission.
  • More than 200 people have signed up for the CloudBox (on top of the 3500 that signed up before the campaign)
  • More than 35 companies have registered to compute with us. That’s more than we have capacity for right now...

  • And even more WOW, you did it again! More than 400 of you joined our mission to bring free heat and sustainable, affordable cloud to the Netherlands and raised € 500.000 in the process. This allows us to bring our CloudBox to 42 households. Thank you so much for your support, all the shares on social media and all the emails we received with suggestions, feedback and questions. In all honesty we are a bit overwhelmed by all your positive reactions.

    So here we are, with half of the campaign period still to go. You enthusiasm has beaten our wildest expectations and we had to decide what to do. When we keep going, how can your support impact our mission the most? So we have decided to raise our goal one last time, to €750.000. With the extra €250.000 we can speed up development on the Nerdalize cloud platform by adding 2 software engineers to the team. This means we can help more of the compute customers that have signed up for our services during this campaign faster. And we can expand our roll-out to another 8 households, making it a grand total of 50 and total CO2 savings of a sweet 150 tons per year. That’s the equivalent of unburning 64.000 litres of gasoline!

    All in all this puts us on a path to equip more houses quicker, providing them with free heat and make sustainable computing power at an unbeatable price available to more companies and researchers and with geographic redundancy in our network

    We are thrilled to make this happen, together with you, as well as a little nervous… Are you ready to spread our mission for free heat and sustainable cloud with the world one more time?

    Go to our sharing page!

    Once again, a big hand for everyone who has already joined. The campaign continues!

    Live warm and prosper!

    Boaz, Florian, Mathijs, Ad, Alexander, Boris, Chris, David, Dexter, Jip, Liesanne, Maaike, Marinus, Mark, Michal, Pim, Remy, Robert, Thatcher, Thirza & Tim

    • Chris Mooiweer-Rodriguez Galvis
    • Posted over 4 years ago

    Martijn van Osch

    Tripling your goals within 4 weeks!
    Seems like the world was just waiting for the opportunity to invest in Nerdalize. :)