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Want to become a founding partner of the next blockbuster bottled spirit? Caramol is here to stay! Crafted Caramel Liquor, ready to take over the world!

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What a day, overfunding!


Hi all,

We are so greatfull for the massive response of our investors who have made it possible for us to reach our Funding Target so quickly. Thanks to you all the road is already paved for Caramol to be a brand that will make it's mark in the spirits industry. Together we will build Caramol into a global brand! Because we will not forget those who helped us realize this, we will organise events and will keep you updated about all our adventures on our quest. 

If you didn't have the chance to take part in our journey don't worry! We have decided to overfund Caramol and bring on additional investors. Because when we can raise more funding, we can grow even faster!

It takes approximately €150.000,- to open a new country. So every additional €150.000,- will enable us to open countries directly and even accelerate the forecasted growth. Our first overfunding target will be €500.000,- so we can expand to the United Kingdom! 

So please, keep investing in us and take part in Caramol! It will be an ongoing adventure without any border or end!

Best regards,


  • Sir Edmond BV
  • Posted about 4 years ago