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Daan van Well & Martijn Snelder team 8
Daan van Well & Martijn Snelder Hilversum, NL

à BLOC - Bicycle Beer

Cycling is growing exponentially and demand for craft beer is higher than ever. We love both and created à BLOC Bicycle Beer

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à BLOC - Bicycle Beer
The concept


Join us in bringing together two of our favorite worlds: cycling and craft beer. Cycling’s popularity is rapidly growing, and the demand for craft beer is higher than ever. We blended these together and put them into a bottle, creating à BLOC Bicycle Beer, a refreshing, unfiltered blonde beer, rich in proteins and vitamins. Riding "à bloc" means going "flat out". Our beer is the perfect drink for after a ride. And because we want you to ride your bike and drink our great tasting beer every possible day of your life, we’ve added Alpine Minerals to improve rehydration and recovery. 

So if you want to be part of the success of à BLOC, this is your chance to become co-owner of a genuine craft beer brand for cyclists! And let’s be honest, doesn’t that sound like a dream?


We’ve structured the business quite differently from the typical craft breweries. We think globally, but act locally. Our unique recipe was created with our brewer in The Netherlands, and we then work with local craft brewers around the world to actually brew the beer with the finest ingredients. Many breweries have overcapacity that we can use. This enables us to brew our beer without having to invest in any equipment or buildings, close to the cycling communities we serve around the world, making for a better quality beer. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Once brewed, we sell to distributors and straight to bike channels whenever possible. But this is even bigger than selling beer. It’s about the friendships and stories that reflect why we enjoy cycling. 

So, à BLOC is more than a quality beer made for cyclists. We have a deep philosophical goal to enhance the riding experience. We want it to be part of the post-ride ritual. Cyclists can chat, recover, and re-hydrate over a beer. 

We’re building a global lifestyle brand for cyclists - with the Red Bull model in mind. One that energises and motivates us to enjoy life, have fun and ride our bicycles as much as possible. So we are creating a worldwide brand for the cycling community around the cycling lifestyle with group rides (topped off with à BLOC beer, of course), urban cycling events, cycling challenges, cafés, workshops, and more.

The à BLOC business has 4 distinct income streams:

  1. Products (beer, mineral water, sports supplements, clothing, merchandise etc)
  2. Events 
  3. On-line advertisement and community
  4. Franchise concept


In return for your investment, you get a solid 7% interest on investment and a 30% discount on the share price when you become a shareholder, to fully gain from the benefits. Investors become part of a unique business that welds together two global trends, cycling and craft beer, thus creating a highly scalable lifestyle brand. Besides becoming an investor, you become member of the à BLOC Cycle Club and you can also get free beers, discounts on team kit, rides with pros (depending on the amount invested). And you can even win a cool Fara Bike (

In addition to that, we’ll also be throwing in a few neat bonuses for you, such as tickets for the London Bike Show 16-19 February 2017, and free beers at the à BLOC Bars at the Car Park Climb on 21 January, 2017 in Adelaide, Australia during the Tour Down Under. 


Unique Selling Points

  1. Early Mover: we have a first mover advantage with a great and cool product and brand proposition combining craft beer with the cycling experience, and building a community around "we share the ride".
  2. Global: à BLOC is a global craft beer without the burden and geographical limitations of traditional craft breweries. Cycling is a global sport and à BLOC wants to be where the cycling communities are, around the world.
  3. Alpine Minerals: we added Alpine Minerals (trade marked by us) making à BLOC the perfect refreshing beer after a ride. We are not aware of any other beer with added alpine minerals.
  4. Bicycle Beer: we position à BLOC Bicycle Beer as a bicycle related lifestyle accessory, rather than solely another craft beer.
  5. Community: we're building a community around à BLOC called "WE SHARE THE RIDE" for sharing and celebrating cycling experiences and organising challenges.
  6. Cool and distinct design: appealing to cycling and its rich heritage.
  7. Smart brewing: We use the structural and seasonal overcapacity of the craft beer industry to brew à BLOC in the local craft breweries we team up with, based on our own proprietary recipe. By using this overcapacity, we don't have to invest in expensive brewing equipment or buildings.

Revenue model

We make use of the structural and seasonal overcapacity within the craft beer industry to have our beer brewed by craft brewers based on our own recipe. By using this overcapacity, there is no need for investment capital in expensive brewery equipment and buildings. We have ensured sufficient capacity for the next 18 months based on our sales projections and we are actively working to increase the number of brewing partners in order to ensure sufficient capacity going forward, while maintaining consistent quality. We reserve our brew slots on a 12 Month rolling basis to be confirmed 2 months in advance.

Once brewed, we sell to distributors who distribute through the craft beer/wine channels, and bicycle channel where possible. We closely work together with our distributors to train their sales force and execute our sales strategy in each country/area. In some countries we may sell the beer ourselves, and work with separate logistics partner to process and deliver orders on our behalf.

Achieved so far


  • 40,000 bottles produced
  • 3rd batch in production
  • New clients including the cycling hotspots “Velosoof café” in Eindhoven and “Parkhotel” in Valkenburg
  • Exclusive distribution agreement with Van Bieren, with national coverage: in-line, retail, wholesale
  • Beer sponsor of the Strongher festival in 2016 and 2017 (largest women’s cycling event in The Netherlands)
  • Beer partner for “Ronde van Nijmegen”, 2016 and 2017
  • New 75cl luxury bottle with champagne cork and gift pack developed and ready for the holiday season
  • New website live
  • Sponsorship deal with two Dutch pro cycling team Team Roompot and anopther men’s and women’s teams in progress
  • Detailed marketing and communication strategy developed with partner agency Talefisher now being rolled out
  • Talefisher joined as shareholder and Jeroen Kramers and Bart de Voogd joined the management team
  • Names and logos “à BLOC” and “Alpine Minerals” registered internationally as trademarks
  • URLs,,,,,,, registered 
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts live
  • London-based social media management partner 
  • 2017 Team Kit developed with our partner 36, official supplier of the Roompot Pro Cycling Team
  • à BLOC available at cycling web shop
  • Great review in Blog “Banana Cycling” (28K followers) 
  • Numerous initiatives in the pipeline to collaborate with ‘icons’ of the cycling industry


  • Agreement in principle with distribution partner - an industry leading drinks agency with a successful track record of bringing new and exciting craft drinks into the the UK market. 
  • Launch in the UK during the prestigious Rouleur Classic, organised with Telegraph Media Group in London between November 3-5 2016
  • 2-year deal with Telegraph Media Group for “Rouleur Classic”, and to host the à BLOC Cycling Bar at the London Bike Show 16-19 February 2017 (50K visitors) with option for 2018 
  • Available at the London-based cycling café “Look Mum No Hands” amongst the best cycling cafés in the world - and more to follow soon!


  • Creation of subsidiary A BLOC Australia PTY with our local partner Mr Ash Bleeker (managing the business in Australia)
  • Signed partnership with Corporate Cycling (click here for their website)
  • Signed local brew partner, Cavalier arewing Co, to brew à BLOC locally
  • Distribution in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane through our distribution partner Festival City Wines
  • Part of the Dutch trade mission accompanying the official state visit of the Dutch King and Queen to Australia
  • Launch at the Tour Down Under with a number of stunts and events, including a Car Park Climb in Adelaide on the 21st of January with à BLOC Rooftop Party with up to 5,000 guests
  • Company locally funded with AUD 110,000 paid in capital


  • Softlaunch at “La Fabrica”, located Girona, Spain, one of the worlds iconic cycling hot spots. La Fabrica is one of the most well-known cycling bars in Girona, where most pro riders live during the winter. à BLOC is available at “La Fabrica” and “Espresso Mafia”
  • Great review in international blog “The Nomad Barista” (15K followers)

Required investment and purpose

  • Total need: EUR 350,000
  • Aim crowdfunding: minimum EUR 250,000
  • Raised in Australia: AUD 110,000
  • Deployment of funds: Marketing activation costs in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and Australia, working capital

For the Investor

  • 5 year Convertible Loan
  • 7% interest
  • 30% discount at conversion

Special benefits for the highest amounts invested

  • Chance to win an exclusive special edition carbon disc brake road bike by Fara Cycling

  • 80 tickets for the London Bike Show 16-19 February 2017
  • 10 tickets for the “Six-Days of Rotterdam” 5-10 January 2017
  • Invitation to the Car Park Climb, 21 January 2017 in Adelaide, Australia during the Tour Down Under with free à BLOC at the à BLOC  Party

Perks per investment level

From EUR 20 – EUR 499

  • Membership of the à BLOC Cycle Club: invitations to à BLOC events with (former) pro riders
  • 10% discount on à BLOC Pro Team Kit
From EUR 500 – EUR 999

  • Membership of the à BLOC Cycle Club: invitations to à BLOC events with (former) pro riders
  • 15% discount on à BLOC Pro Team Kit
  • 75cl à BLOC Beer*
From EUR 1,000 to EUR 4,999

  • Membership of the à BLOC Cycle Club: invitation and free access to à BLOC events with (former) pro riders
  • 25% discount on à BLOC Pro Team Kit
  • Case of à BLOC 24x33cl*
EUR 5,000 or EUR 9,999

  • Membership of à BLOC Investment Club: invitation and free access to annual networking event and exclusive dinner with à BLOC partners, including (former) pro riders
  • Membership of the à BLOC Cycle Club: invitation and free access to à BLOC events with (former) pro riders
  • 1 complementary à BLOC team kit every year (and 30% discount on additional orders)
  • 6 cases of à BLOC 24x33cl per year*
EUR 10,000 or EUR 49,999

  • Name of choice** on team kit 
  • Member of à BLOC Investment Club: invitation and free access to annual networking event and exclusive dinner with à BLOC partners, including (former) pro riders
  • Membership of the à BLOC Cycle Club: invitation and free access to à BLOC events with (former) pro riders
  • 2 complementary à BLOC team kits every year (and 30% discount on additional orders)
  • 12 cases of à BLOC 24x33cl per year*
EUR 50,000 or more:

  • All of the above plus:
  • Name and logo of choice** on team kit and car 
  • Invite to culinary beer dinner with management team and partners in January in Adelaide, February in London and/or March in Amsterdam
  • Possibility to organise event with à BLOC once per year
*pick up at local brewer, distributor or at events
**first come first serve basis, subject to availability of space and compatibility with previous engagements

Exit policy

We remain focussed on the development of the à BLOC brand and of the international distribution network for the next 5 years. We are open to new sustainable partnerships based on our "share-share" principle for the benefit all involved. An obvious collaboration would be in the fields of distribution and brewing of beer. Alternative collaborations are with other brands and communities active in the cycling industry or with the intention to enter into the cycling industry.

Daan van Well
Directeur Sportif - CEO

Daan is a passionate cyclist and entrepreneur. He holds an MBA from HEC Lausanne and a Masters’ degree in law and speaks fluent English, French, German and Dutch. After graduating from law school, Daan worked as a lawyer in a law firm before joining a multinational food retail company. Since 2009, Daan has successfully established and managed the law business for PwC in Geneva, Switzerland.

Martijn Snelder
Directeur Sportif - COO

Martijn is a passionate cyclist, business developer, and skilled negotiator. After his law studies, he decided to specialise in Real Estate. He has a broad and international experience in development of commercial retail real estate, project management and contract negotiation. Martijn worked for large real estate companies until 2014, when he started his own business in real estate consulting.

Jeroen Kramers
Caravane publicitaire - Marketing and Communications

Jeroen held a number of marketing positions before becoming the head of marketing, communications, and branding for the Dutch public television and online platforms of the Dutch public media organisation NPO, where he stayed until 2015. In 2015, he started the independent marketing and communications agency “Talefisher” with Bart de Voogd.

Bart de Voogd
Caravane Publicitaire - Marketing and Communications

Bart started his career as a journalist, and then was working in communications when he met Jeroen after becoming the head of marketing and communications for the Dutch public radio. In 2015, they decided to create their own independent marketing and communications agency Talefisher.

Ashley Bleeker
Directeur Sportif - General Manager Australia

Ashley is a passionate cyclist, riding with Melbourne-based TKM (The King's Men). He has successfully worked across different industries in strategy and business development. Ashley is an effective leader with a strong track record of helping people-based businesses build capacity and improve performance through planning and execution. Ashley and Daan met through a mutual friend in 2016.

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