This is an equity investment opportunity. Through equity crowdfunding you can invest in a start-up or small business and profit from growth in the value of the business.
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Rik Vegter UTRECHT, NL

Greendaddy 2nd investment round

This Wednesday June 8 we started this round, as Greendaddy's revenue approaches 1 million, so time for the next step in bamboo clothing! Now overfunding.

$174,663 INVESTED
Minimum target amount
Small_thumb_rik_2-1 Greendaddy 2nd investment round
The concept

Bamboo clothing? Better for you, better for the planet! 

(check the video and you will see why).


UPDATE current investment round (value 2,8 million).

75,000.=, reached in a few hours! Started on Wednesday June 8, this round went fast, so on Thursday we extended to 150.000,=. This extra funding will be used to grow our bamboo product-line further, with exiting new products, so the company will be even more successful. Think about:

Beautiful soft bathrobes, for both man and woman. We already have the designs ready for those. And new lady tops and long sleeves for men. Or a kimono-range, from silky soft bamboo. So many products we can and will add!  


Greendaddy’s first investment round in 2014 also was a BIG success (value 1,75 million).

Within 48 hours 14% shares were completely sold out. € 245,000.= was invested by over 400 new shareholders! Unfortunately, many potential investors (500+) were disappointed as they were too late to participate.

The first investment round was aimed at European expansion, which is still going on. Greendaddy currently sells its products in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK and will further expand to France, Spain and Italy.   

2016: growing to 1 million in revenues, it's now time for the next step!

Our sales volumes are now growing fast (year to date growth in 2016 is almost 70%, approaching 1 million in yearly revenues). This makes it time to focus on the company’s next goal: profitability. We will do this by directly doing business with factories, skipping distributors and wholesale. This way we can also expand our own private label product line with products that will be produced specifically for us. Our growing volumes now give us the opportunity 

Directly doing business with factories dramatically lowers our cost of sales, therefore substantially increases Greendaddy’s profitability AND the company value from 1,75 million in 2014 to 2,8 million in 2016 (see valuation).         

Additional opportunities of private label production:

  • Expanding our product line with new products
  • Direct control over product quality
  • Improving stock position
  • Less dependency from suppliers
  • Increase impact on supplychain 

How much investment does Greendaddy need to source its production directly to manufacturers?

Calculations lead to a minimum of 75,000,= as products will have to be manufactured in larger numbers. Overfunding will be used to extend Greendaddy's productrange even further.

Does Greendaddy have any experience in sourcing its own private labelled products? 

Yes we do, we started our own product line in 2013 and gained quite some experience. We now also work together with experts from the textile industry.

What will Greendaddy do with the funds from the first crowdfunding?

These funds will continue to be used for the purpose of the first investment round (volume building).

Will the new shareholders also receive the SHAREHOLDER BENEFITS?

Absolutely! The new crowdfunders will receive the same return on investment: per every 10 shares, each new shareholder also receives a direct 5% yearly return on investment, with the certificates mentioned below.  


As one of Greendaddy's owners, it is obvious to wear our bamboo based clothing. You'll love it! Therefore, you'll receive EVERY YEAR a 10,- gift certificate, for every 10 shares you own at the moment of issue, which translates in an immediate 5% return on your investment, for products you'll need anyway! 

(Note: Not interchangeable for cash, use for purchases only. The free gift certificates are also applicable to existing Greendaddy customers).


Textile from bamboo? Superior quality over cotton and many times more sustainable. On its way to become a major game changer.

"The market for basic clothing and household textiles based on bamboo fabric is growing rapidly. More companies enter the market. People are demanding more sustainable products. Superior bamboo based textile offers the first real alternative to cotton dominated clothing".

(Please see attachments for more specific financial information, our 2013 nomination by Thuiswinkel Waarborg, interview with founder Rik Vegter, the promotional video and examples from our almost 3.000 customer reviews.

1. Bamboo based clothing is superior to cotton 

The revolutionary and young bamboo based fabric has been proven to be many times better than cotton:

  • much softer
  • better ventilation, so smelling fresh much longer
  • moisture absorption is 2 to 3 times higher: less transpiration
  • hypoallergenic, so no allergies
  • regulates temperature (warmer when its cold, colder when its warm)    

2. Bamboo is THE sustainability promise of the 21st century

For over 7,000 years (conventional) cotton dominates the world, but has disadvantages:

  • more than 200,000 tons of pesticides yearly (equals 4,000 railcars)
  • the production of 1 t-shirt and jeans uses over 10,000 liters scarce water
  • socio-economic problems, soil erosion, air and surface contamination, skin diseases, allergies, etc.

Bamboo is one of the few inexhaustible resources in the world. In addition, bamboo is extremely strong and fast growing, and has none of the above mentioned disadvantages.

About Greendaddy BV

Greendaddy is a European focused ecommerce retail formula in basic clothing and household textiles based on bamboo. Greendaddy is self financed and started during the financial crisis. Our very first year (2012) was successful with almost € 250,000.= in revenues. Our growth in 2013 was well over 60% and in 2016 we expect to approach €1 Million in revenues.

Our business philosophy 

  • offer the best possible customer experience (see almost 3,000 reviews)
  • lean & mean, not waisting money, competitive purchasing(!) and smart organization
  • product range will remain basic: everyday use, all seasons, high-quality, trans-border and large audience,
  • coupled with distinctive and sustainable quality 
  • commercial success is essential for sustainability
  • pragmatic and realistic

Our goals

  • Becoming an attractive profitable multi million Euro company and increase shareholder value
  • Environment: increase the use of bamboo based textiles, maximize the impact on the supply chain 


A. Reason

Our growing sales volumes opens the door to replace products bought with third parties with our own. This will dramatically increase our profitability and also provides us with the opportunity to introduce new products, like a new line of woman’s underwear and sleepwear.

B. Use of the funds

1. Expand private label product range.

Owning brands with superior product quality makes us less dependent from suppliers and protects us from competition. It also increases our market potential, competitive advantages and operating margins.

2. Sustainability management & control

Last but not least, we want to have more power and control on the supply chain with regards to our sustainability demands, as further improvements are always possible.

C. Reasons to invest in Greendaddy? 

Our investors want to be proud co-owner of a growing European company that makes a difference and delivers great investment return. Other reasons include: proven formula, high returns, proud ownership, contributing to a better world, scalable business model, high rate of repeat sales, tangible products, high customer appreciation, potential game changer.

Better products, better future. Better return on investment. 

Join Greendaddy, it is time for the next step!

Rik, Jennie, Mirte, Aiken, Joris, Bram, Harald, Macko, Coen, Gijs, Rob, Marjolein, e.v.a.
Werken bij Greendaddy of voor Greendaddy als baas (1), deeltijd vast of als oproepkracht in de logistiek (5), als commissaris (2), coach (1), en bij partners als RedKiwi, ISMecompany, e.v.

The product

Clothing and fabrics based on bamboo offers the first real alternative for cotton dominated clothing, for two main reasons:

Superior product-features
  • much softer
  • better ventilation, so smelling fresh much longer
  • moisture absorption is 2 to 3 times higher
  • hypoallergenic, so no allergies
  • regulates temperature

Bamboo is THE sustainability promise of the 21st century

For over 7,000 years cotton dominates the world. However, the vast majority of the cotton industry is highly polluting:

  • more than 200,000 tons of pesticides yearly (equals 4,000 railcars)
  • the production of 1 t-shirt and jeans uses over 10,000 liters scarce water
  • socio-economic problems, soil erosion, air and surface contamination, skin diseases, allergies, etc.

Bamboo is extremely strong and fast growing, without these disadvantages. Bamboo keeps on growing and is therefore one of the world's few inexhaustible resources.

Basic clothing and household textile products

To keep it simple and target a sizable market, we focus on:

  • every day use by many people, while offering a better product
  • bamboo fabric is ideal for basic clothing like underwear, etc.
  • high percentage of repeat buying
  • only few country-specific preferences, offering European scalability
  • cost efficient operation

(Basic clothing consists of underwear, boxer briefs/shorts, socks, hipsters, tops, vests, t-shirts, bathrobes, pajamas, etc. Household textiles all textile products for daily use in the home, like bath-towels  washcloths, dishcloth, dusters, etc.)

Target group

The market for basic textile products like underwear and household textiles is considerable, consisting of millions of European consumers.

Market size

Based on our product offerings, the numbers below indicate the number of potential customers in the following countries/regions:

The Netherlands 8 million

Germany 40 million

UK 30 million

France 33 million

Italy 30 million

Spain 23 million

European Russia 25 million

Scandinavia 8 million

Total 197 million


Competition is confirmation of an attractive market. One of the new players is Bamigo. Do we need to worry? No. The market for underwear and clothing basics based on bamboo is very big and a growthmarket. It therefore doen't make sense to stare at each other, when there are numerous cotton suppliers still selling cotton based products. That's where the opportunities are and that's where the focus needs to be.

Customer feedback

Greendaddy is approaching a customer base of 20.000 customers.

Customer feedback

Greendaddy has almost 3.000 customer reviews, with an average score of "excellent" (8,7 out of 10). A great result!

Sales pitch

This is your second chance to join Greendaddy, so don't miss it this time! Become a proud co-owner and enjoy the shareholder benefits with the Giftcertificates as described in this proposition. 

Scalable sales model

Greendaddy currently sells exclusively via the internet, as e-commerce gives us the opportunity to serve the market on a national level, with great cost efficiency and unlimited scalability.

Marketing goal 

Maximizing brand- and product-awareness (currently targeted with self liquidating on- and offline campaigns) and maximized (relevant) internet presence.

Marketing milestones (so far)

  • Nationwide media attention (national and regional newspapers and radio) during Greendaddy's launch (February 2012) 
  • Nominated as best starting ecommerce company of The Netherlands / Beste startende webwinkel van Nederland (Thuiswinkel Waarborg, 2013)
  • Nationwide bi-weekly advertising campaign in NRC Handelsblad
  • Introduction of Greendaddy owned private label products (bampJure and BUDDYbam, 2013)
  • Almost 3,000 positive customer reviews 

Marketing & sales channels

We are a so called "pure player", which means we only sell online. Could this change in the future? Never say never!  

As for now we promote our products on- and offline. Maybe you've seen our YouTube and Facebook commercials? Great video's!

Turnover so far

(For more detailed information we would like to refer to the attached financial documents). 

1. Current funding

Greendaddy was successfully crowdfunded in 2014, to expand its sales in Europe. The company has no bank loans. 

2. Company valuation

Based on the current value analysis and financial forecast, the company is valued at € 3,100,000, though for this specific crowdfunding campaign the value has not been put on this number. 

3. Since the start of the company, customer sales amounts to well over € 1,500,000 (incl. VAT)

4. EBITDA forecast 2016 onwards (figures rounded off):

2016: € 67,518

2017: € 746,187

2018: € 1,670,444