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We have developed a product to prevent people from slipping around swimming pools. LAST OVERDFUNDING. INVEST NOW for €20,- or more.

$189,218 INVESTED
Minimum target amount
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The concept

Voor Nederlandse teksten:

Sprout: Sweakers are crowdfunding hit

: € 160,000.

We are entering the final phase of our campaign. Invest now!

You can find more information about our funding method in our campaign text.


Original text of our campaign

Funding (exponential) growth!

"In November 2014 we raised € 100,000 within 2 weeks on Symbid, selling 4% of Ockyz Group. This capital was mostly used for the development of our innovative product and the funding of our first production."

We are in the perfect flow for growth now and can use your funds to accelerate growth and stay in the right flow. Thank you very much!


Children wearing a helmet while skiing or riding on the bicycle, it is quite normal nowadays. But that was very different 10 years ago. Sweakers® non slip swimming socks are for swimming, what helmets are for skiing. 

Did you know that over 200,000 accidents happen annually around swimming pools in Europe? More than half of the accidents are caused by slipping, especially with children younger than 15 years. 

Our Story

Every parent is worried that their child slips, falls and hurts his/her head on the side of the pool. If it goes seriously wrong, nothing could undo a terrible accident that happened to your child. Isn’t it better to prevent accidents? This is exactly what the founder of Ockyz thought two years ago. He and his family were at a swimming pool and the floor near the pool was so slippery that every half hour children slipped. He immediately searched for a solution and discovered that there were no non-slip products for kids that were cool and comfortable. 

With a team of passionate people the non slip swimming socks were invented. The first non slip swimming footwear for kids that is cool and comfortable. Designed as a fun mix between socks and sneakers.

Mission and Dream

The dream and mission of Ockyz ® is to the make the world safer and more fun for children. Not only in Europe, but also outside of Europe. Our dream is that our Sweakers ® will be worn in countries of which you have never expected it and that we can be proud that we have contributed to the safety and hapiness of many children in the world. How cool is it to have a successful business model that really can make a contribution to a better world? That is our ultimate dream and mission.

The product we have developed is a swimming sock with special innovative features:

Unique Selling Points

- Advanced technological non-slip material 
- Comfortable and easy to wear

- Open toes for optimal balance and grip
- Light weight
- Anti-bacterial and hygienic, so odor free
- Quick drying
- Ergonomic
- Breathable
- Durable and washable
- And last but not least, cool, fashionable and colorful

When it concerns the safety of their child, parents are not looking for cheap solutions, but quality solutions. 

In Dutch words:

"Als het de om de veiligheid van je eigen kind gaat, ben je als ouder niet op zoek naar iets goedkoop, maar naar een goede koop."

Social Responsibility

For every investor that is investing € 100,- or more, we will donate a pair of Sweakers®  to a disabled child. This is bringing us one step closer to our dream and mission to make this world safer for all children, also the disabled ones.

Interesting Facts

- Sweakers® have been tested positively by TUV Rheinland. The European authority on testing and

  certification of safety products.
- Innosportlab, swimming centre of the Dutch Olympic swimming team,  is strategic partner of Ockyz and is

  convinced that Sweakers® will be a  worldwide bestseller.
- Sweakers® are available in the 13 biggest Center Parcs.
- Ockyz has almost 50,000 fans on Facebook worldwide.

After 10 years Sweakers® will be quite normal, just as the helmets are for skiing nowadays. Would you dare to put a bet on it?

Become shareholder in our company, starting from € 20,-.

For Investors:

€ 100,- or more: you receive a free pair of Sweakers®
and you also made a disabled child happy. We will donate one pair of Sweakers® on behalve of you. Thank you very much!

€ 1000,- or more: congratulations! You are part of a selective & VIP group.
For example: all investors of Symbid 1.0, that invested € 1000,- or more, have received an exclusive offer for directly participating in Ockyz Holding as a shareholder. You will also receive an exclusive offer after this campaign successfully gets funded.

Why do we need funding?
Because we would like to expand quickly to other European countries. Besides “defending” our company by model & brand protection and patent(s), we also would like to produce higher volumes to lower the production prices and make our product more affordable to a bigger population of people. Expanding to other European countries will help us to do so. Besides our current Sweakers® models that sells for retail price € 19,95 we would like to develop a basic model for retail price € 14,95.

This year we would like to expand to over 20 distributors in Europe in the following countries:

- Germany

- UK

- France

- Italy

- Spain

- Sweden

- Benelux

Revenue model

- Sales of Sweakers® non slip swimming socks

- Sales of swimming clothes & accesoiries

- Revenue models for games, music & swipes

- VIP subscription model in the future

- Licensing in the future

Achieved so far

- Crowdfunding, November 2014, € 100,000, Equity

- Crowdfunding, June 2015, Presales, € 30,000

- Informal Investors 2015, € 150,000, Equity 

- Center Parks, Launching Customer, 13 biggest parks (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands)

- International Leads, major toy fabric and distributor Italy, major swimming pool operator Spain,

  distributors Portugal, UK, Germany & Spain.

- Sales Team Netherlands, As of March 2016 a sales team of 5 people are operating on a provision basis for

  the Netherlands.            

- Distributor with a portfolio of 600 swimming pools in the Netherlands.

- Facebook, almost 50,000 fans worldwide.

- Free media publicity: AD, FD, Parool, BNR, Omroep Max, RTL4, Sprout, Omroep Brabant

Required investment and purpose

Total Required Growth Investment: € 250,000

Product Development (also medical version)                € 25,000

Development Webshop and E commerce strategy:     € 25,000

Marketing & Promotional Activities:                               € 50,000

Intellectual Property                                                        € 25,000

Sales activities                                                                 € 50,000

Legal Documents                                                            € 25,000

Stock                                                                                € 50,000 

Funding method:

Symbid Crowdfunding 2.0                                              €   140,000 

Informal Investors                                                            €  110,000

For the investor

Best Case Scenario:

Ockyz goes viral within the next five years and becomes a dominant brand for childrens sport and swimwear globally and our amazing USP, the anti slip swimming sock succeeds globally as well: 

50 times your investment or 5000% return on investment in 2020.

Most Likely Case Scenario:

Ockyz grows steadily because of the many USP’s and the specific Niche it is operating in:
5 times your investment or 500% return of the investment in 2020.

Jermaine Moerli

As an experienced recruiter Jermaine has succesfully formed a professional team of entrepreneurs. Besides the right knowledge and expertise, team members and external parties working for Ockyz need to have the right mindset, attitude and ' energy level'. He is convinced that with an excellent team, he will be able to fulfil the mission Ockyz has.

Astrid Ras
Designer & Product Development

Design & Product Development
Is the head designer of Ockyz® and manager product development. She is responsible for the production, fashion and design of the (swimming) clothing line. Astrid has more than 30 years of experience in the field of fashion, knitting, weaving and clothing lines.

Jan de Jong
Production & Sourcing

Jan is responsible for the production process, contracting with fabrics and sourcing of new products and materials for Ockyz. He is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of more than 30 years in sourcing and production. His competences lie mainly in the fashion and confection industry. He also has experienced a successful exit of one of his former companies.

Gideon Tailleur

Gideon is an experienced Marketing professional with over 10 years of Sales and Marketing experience. His considerable experience in this field has included working in both domestic and international markets. Gideon is creative, results- and solution driven, effective marketing specialist with a keen eye for detail.

Rick Muller
Customer Succes Officer

Rick is an experienced sales & marketing manager who knows the road to success in marketing and sales - retail and wholesale. Builds a strong team of professionals, sets the goals and works in a structured way. He has a proven successful sales trackrecord at retail and B2B, brandbuilding and managing teams. He also has a strong customer success mindset based on co-creation and profit optimization.

Wendy Hoang
Co Founder

Wendy is a serial entrepreneur with a track record as a sales and customer service manager in the Insurance Industry. She has an extensive network in Asia and a passion for fashion and design. Her primary focus will be on the account management for the Insurance Industry. This industry could save a lot of money if less accidents happen.

The product

"Our non slip swimming sock is a technologically advanced product, with a strong focus on design, durability, hygiene and usability." It can be used all seasons, especially for Indoor Swimming. 

Unique Selling Points

We have been working on this product for more than 2 years and the technology that is necessary to develop and produce this product is very complex, new and advanced. This gives us a strong competitive advantage in the market. 

We have registered our brand(s) in Europe. For the non-slip swimming socks we have a patent pending as off October, 2nd 2014. Furthermore, we have filed a “model protection” in Europe. On different levels we are protecting entry from other players into the market, this, in combination with the complexity of the product, gives us a huge competitive advantage in the market. Making it too costly for small players to enter and too risky for big players to risk their reputation, violating our intellectual property rights.

Revenue model

We will sell our product through 3 sales channels:

- Retail channels, mostly distributors. We will first focus on swimming areas and afterwards on retail (Sport).

- E commerce (our own webstore)

- Leading internet marketplaces (companies like Amazon, that have a fulfillment program)


We plan to distribute in 2016 in the European countries Germany, UK, Benelux, France, Spain, Italy and Sweden. In 2017 we plan to expand to Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Turkey, Mexico. In 2018 we plan to expand to USA, Japan, China. 

Current status

The sales in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany has already started. A professional agency is doing a market research for distributors in Germany and the UK at the moment. We expect to finish this project in June.

Planned developments

After we have finished this project we will focus on finding distributors for France, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

The focus is first on distributing to swimming pools and parks, where the accidents happen and second stage on other retail channels like sport and toy shops.

We are also doing a market research in cooperation with Hogeschool Rotterdam and UMC to see if there is a need of adjustment of our product to serve a specific need for the Health Insurance market. The research will focus on elderly people, disabled people & revalidation.

Target group

Women between the ages of 25 and 40 years, with one or more children will be the main customers for Ockyz. Children, between the age of 3 and 12 are the target audience. 

Market size


The world market for swimwear and beachwear is projected to exceed 17,6 billion dollars by the year 2015.


The European Union accounts for 34% of the total swimwear industry’s output. The five largest countries in the European Union, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the U.K. account for 70% of Europe’s total consumption of swimwear. When analyzing the different segments, children’s apparel with 20% of the total market. The industry for children’s swimwear is growing with nearly 25% per year, as reported by the annual Swimwear Association.


There are no companies in the world market that have a dominant position in non slip swimming footwear for children. The great swim wear brands such as Arena and Speedo focuson the adult and professional swimwear market. This is a great opportunity for Ockyz®. 

Customer feedback

Center Parks, our first major client has already approved her first order for the 13 biggest parks in their portfolio. This includes parks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. They are part of a bigger multinational “Piere & Vacanes”. This company has more than 300 parks worldwide, most of them in Europe. Furthermore, we have interest from (companies) in over 25 countries for our product. We have also sold our product to several swimming pools, webshops and private customers.

Customer feedback

- Great product 

- I really have more grip

- I walk more stable

- My children love it

- I can also swim better with it

- Feels comfortable

- Finally I have a solution for the dirty pool floors

New customers

Major toy fabric and distributor Italy, Major swimming pool operator

Spain, distributor Portugal, UK, Spain, biggest French company of 

(swimming) vending machines. Several great leads in Germany and Benelux.

Sales pitch

Our mission is to contribute to a colorful and joyful world for children. We believe that all children are beautiful, unique, authentic and cool in their own way. Safety and a healthy lifestyle are important tools in creating a FUN world for Kidz.


Every child that we can prevent from having an accident fulfills our mission. Kids just want to have fun, and parents do not want to worry more than they already do. 

If we could save just one child’s life in this world, it will be worth it.

What has been done before

As of March 2016 a sales team of 6 people operates on a       

provision basis for the Netherlands. We also have a distributor with 

a portfolio of 600 swimming pools in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we are doing a market research on distributors in the UK and Germany. 

Furthermore, we have interest form (companies) in over 25 countries for our product. The focus for 2016 and 2017 will be Europa.

Center Parcs is on our first major launching customers. Sweakers® are available in their 13 biggest Parcs in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.  These Parcs have over 7 million visitors per year.

Our stock was ready to sell in April this year, so we are really at the beginning of sales and it already looks promising.

Marketing & sales channels

- Social Media channels

- (Online) Magazines

- Branding by association (Celebrities)

- Banners, Google

- Blogs for Kids Fashion

- Entertainment/ You Tube

Marketing objective

Become and maintain Market Leader in Europe in the area of non slip swim socks.


Ockyz®  also has entered a strategic cooperation with InnoSportLab.  InnoSportLab is a Dutch Foundation that focuses on sports innovation. They have a world class test lab in Eindhoven, where they are testing the Dutch Olympic Swimming team and the fastest swimming suits in the world for brands like Arena and Speedo. They will also test our products and they will contribute in their network to promote the non slip swimming sock.

Ockyz®  also has a strategic Partnership with Saxion University & TNO, which are helping with further innovation of the swimming Sock.

We are in the certification process with TUV Rheinland. TUV Rheinland is a leading certification Institute in Europe (Germany) with an excellent reputation worldwide. They will document the quality of our products with an independent, recognized certification mark. 

Turnover so far

2016:  €                50,000

Projected turnover


2016:  €            1,900,000
2017:  €           9,500,000
2018:  €         24,300,000

Projected Profits (EBIT)
2016:  €               430,000
2017:  €            3,800,000
2018:  €          12,000,000

Distributors have an average sales objective of € 100,000 the first year. This is based on 40 point of sales, which on average sell 250 Sweakers® per year. We are currently selling at the 13 biggest parks of Center Parcs. These count for 13 point of sales, even if it is 1 client. In addition to swimming pools & swimming paradises, also cruise ships, hotel chains and campings are larger target groups for us. In the first phase we are going to focus on these customers, in the next phase we will also focus on sports and toy stores, and other types of clients such as the disabled, health care centers & yoga schools. Currently we have 1 distributor for Netherlands and we are working on deals with distributors in Germany and the United Kingdom. We want to have 5 signed contracts with distributors in each of these countries at the end of June. In the follow up we will expand with the same strategy to other European countries. Our goals is to have more than 20 distributors in Europe before the end of the year.



1) 2016 Benelux, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden

2) 2017 Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Turkey, Mexico

3) 2018 USA, Japan, China

Global Swimwear Market Children/ Leisure 2015

World:          € 2,500,000,000

EU:               €     700,000,000

EU (Big 5):   €     500,000,000

USA:            €     600,000,000

Growth: 25% annually of the global market, children, leisure  

Invested so far


- € 140,000 Symbid

- € 110,000 Informal investors

Time (Barter Deals)

- € 500,000

Investment requirement

Total Required Investment: € 250,000

Purpose of investment


- Product Development (also medical version)                € 25,000

- Development Webshop and E commerce strategy:     € 25,000

- Marketing & Promotional Activities:                               € 50,000

- Intellectual Property                                                        € 25,000

- Sales activities                                                                 € 50,000

- Legal Documents                                                            € 25,000

- Stock                                                                                € 50,000 

Funding method:

- Symbid                                                                              €  50,000 

- Informal Investors                                                            € 150,000

- (Bank) Loans                                                                     €  50,000  


Best Case Scenario:

Ockyz goes viral within the next five years and becomes a dominant brand for childrens sport and swimwear globally and our amazing USP, the anti slip swimming sock succeeds globally as well: 

5000% return on investment after 5 years.

Most Likely Case Scenario:

Ockyz grows steadily because of the many USP’s and the specific Niche it is operating in: 
500% return of the investment.  


1. There is no awareness for non slip safety socks in the market. To make consumers embrace the product Ockyz will have to put a lot of effort to create awareness and open up the market.

2. Different swimming cultures. Due to different swimming cultures some countries or swimming pools might not allow the swimming socks. On the contrary, others might embrace the product, mostly countries that value hygiene and safety very high.

3. The further development and innovation of companies that improve non slip swimming floors. If floors are no longer slippery, there will no longer be a sufficient need for the non slip swimming socks.

4. Legislation and labeling. Although will have the World’s Best Certificates and Testing Projects for our Safety Products like the non slipping socks, there are still some countries, like the USA, where we should operate carefully in order not to receive any claims or law suits.

5. Financing the growth opportunities. The period between financing our stock and retail paying our invoices could be between 2 and 6 months. That’s why it is very important to finance our growth and our ambitions.