This is an equity investment opportunity. Through equity crowdfunding you can invest in a start-up or small business and profit from growth in the value of the business.
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Open Social N.V. (voormalig GoalGorilla) team 9
Open Social N.V. (voormalig GoalGorilla) Enschede, NL

Award-Winning Social Software, Overfunding!

Drupal Social is the next generation of GoalGorilla's community software. A €1.25 million turnover business, this investment offers a 300% return in 3 years.

$245,110 INVESTED
Minimum target amount
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Update 1.5 : first €150k round completed , overfunding to €200k started!


Things moved very quickly yesterday evening. I'm very glad to announce we completed the €150.000,- funding target! That means a minimum of 7,5% of our shares are guaranteed to be issued to the cooperation by februari 2016, and hereby are sold.

All of this within one week of our public pitch, making this *the fastest selling software proposition* on Symbid to date! :D

A great welcome goes to 110 investors that made this possible. Congratulations with your acquisition!

What happens now is that we enter the 'overfunding' round, like we announced in the pitch. The new target is €200.000,- and this will complete our overall funding goal. Terms are exactly the same for both rounds. There is no dilution of shares or otherwise negative aspect in participation in one round or the other.

Again, a great welcome to all new shareholders. I'm looking forward to working with you in the board of the cooperation and keeping you informed on our progress in 2016 and beyond!

- Mieszko Czyzyk on behalf of GoalGorilla NV

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  • Posted about 5 years ago