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Peter van Akkeren team 9
Peter van Akkeren Den Haag, NL

Be a Saint. Share the growth!

Saint Basics is already the greenest basics brand in the Netherlands. With your help, it takes just a small step to claim international success.

$174,663 INVESTED
Minimum target amount
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The concept

Become a shareholder of Saint Basics. Then you'll really make a difference in the clothing industry. You become co-owner of the greenest clothing brand of the Netherlands. You help create a new, colourful and joyful clothing line. You effortlessly take a stand against sweatshops, child labour, use of toxins, water waste and other unethical production methods in the clothing industry. And you make a nice return on investment while you're at it. It feels good to be a Saint! 

Unique Selling Points

Revenue model

We sell our basics through our own website, mainly in the Netherlands but sales are picking up in other countries too (especially Germany). Our aim is to become the European website for stylish eco underwear. We have an international focus.

We also sell through retailers in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Belgium and several (German) webshops. Plus we are setting up a promising sales channel on

Achieved so far

  • a solid foodhold in the Dutch market
  • a promising start in Germany
  • our own brand with our own, stylish eco collection
  • our own, certified sustainable supply chain
  • voted Top 10 sustainable brand by consumers for 3 years in a row
  • ranked as the greenest Dutch clothing brand in the  category fashion, clothing and shoes at

Required investment and purpose

We want to develop a new ‘Design’ collection of colourful and joyful basics for men and women, as an addition to our current, black & white ‘Classics’ collection. The demand is already there, both from consumers and retailers. We just need to develop and produce the product. 

With the introduction of this collection, we also need to develop a new segment for our website, plus additional online sales models:

  • trial sets for new clients
  • luxury boxes with a dazzling eco underwear collection
  • pick 'n' choose custom sets
  • subscription models allowing for easy repeat orders

The main investment however is in new products that add value to our assets and increase our market share. The aim is to a) increase purchase frequency with existing clients (quality seekers, 35+) and b) attract a younger, more cultural creative audience.

For the investor

We are looking for investors who want to make a real difference, both for themselves and for the world around them. By helping us grow, you will improve working conditions for people in the clothing industry.

Knowing that the average boxer short is made for a eurocent by a child in a sweatshop, was our trigger to start Saint Basics and offer consumers a better alternative. Many people have already found us. We sincerely hope you will join our ranks. Thanks for being a Saint!

In order to make you an instant part of our company, you'll be getting a permanent discount on all our products. This way you can start every day feeling good and being a real Saint to our brand.

Your investment    Product discount 

 up to €500              5% 

 up to €1000            10% 

 above                     15%

Peter van Akkeren
Directeur Saint Basics

Peter van Akkeren (1961, Den Haag) is a dedicated entrepreneur with a ‘motivation beyond cash’.
Peter started out as a journalist at ANP, NOS and NCRV Radio. From the 90s onwards he worked in advertising, many years at the esteemed FHV BBDO agency. In 2009 he was one of the founders of Saint Basics. Since 2013 he is the company's general director.

Anita Zeilstra
Client Services Manager

Coming from the island of Texel, eco entrepreneurship comes natural for Anita. Her work experience is office management for organisations like VNO NCW, but her heart lies with customer relations and services. Anita is a meticulous planner and organiser and maintains the day-to-day contacts with our fulfilment center, resellers and our production partners.

Jan-Hendrik Schretlen

Jan-Hendrik Schretlen is Saint Basics' one-man advisory board. As a main shareholder from day one, Jan-Hendrik passionately fulfills the role of business angel, guardian angel and adviser. Although not involved in day-to-day business, he participates in all major decision making. Jan-Hendrik's broad financial background and business network are a great help to Saint Basics.

Marjolein van der Spoel
Head designer

Marjolein is our designer from the very start. She conceives our product range and does the technical drawings. Marjolein is also an inspired teacher at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and has her own design company, "Saint basics is a fair brand with a great product range, that can only grow more beautiful every day" she says.

The product

A new, colourful collection based on Lenzing Modal Edelweiss technology.

Unique Selling Points

Lenzing Modal® is like the Edelweiss flower: made in Austria, pure, natural and CO2 neutral.

  • softer than silk, cooler than linen
  • made from beechwood fiber
  • anti-bacterial, anti-smell
  • ecological

  • Oeko-tex certified

Revenue model

We have an international online strategy, selling directly to consumers where possible. By keeping our sales & distribution compact, we can offer consumers a good price and at the same time, optimise profit margins.


We have our own, sustainable production chain which is built for scale. We currently use only a fraction of its capacity.

Because wel sell on the web, we have unlimited outlet capacity. We have an option to expand our fulfilment model from national to European.

Target group

We market to modern people who aspire a conscious and pleasant lifestyle (men/women, 25-49). This quality conscious segment has a mid to higher education and a matching income. The segment size is about 30% of the population.

Market size

The market for basics is a huge volume market. If we would capture just 0.3 pct of the Dutch T-shirt market, we would multiply our current sales already by a factor 20. And then there's boxershorts, briefs and hipsters too. 

Taking into account that we are also selling in Germany and other European countries, we can safely say the market potential is enormous.


Our main competitors are the main underwear fashion brands. We aim to be the sustainable alternative in 5-10 years.

Customer feedback

Quality seekers, 50-50 men and women, 35+, mid to higher education and income.

Customer feedback

Our clients mainly praise a) the quality and comfort of our productsand b) our quick and personal service. Have a read here (in Dutch):

New customers

Our current clients + a younger (25+), more cultural creative segment.

Sales pitch

At Saint Basics we firmly believe that underwear can be better. In all aspects. That's why we reinvented it. Our basics fit better, look better and are made better. From the softest cotton in the world. And eliminating chemicals, sweatshops and child labour. Order our stylish eco T-shirts, panties and boxers at

What has been done before

  • online marketing

  • Google Adwords

  • nationwide print advertising in the Netherlands

  • (Volkskrant, Trouw, Parool, AD, FD, Linda, Quote, Esquire, Men's Health, Veronica Magazine)

Marketing & sales channels

Mainly our own website + (online) dropshippers/resellers, e.g.:

Current offline points of sale:

Turnover so far

Since the start, the company had a sales volume of more than € 450,000 excluding VAT till 2014.

Projected turnover

Forecast turnover next 5 years (excluding VAT):

2015 € 500,000

2016 € 1,300,000

2017 € 2,500,000

2018 € 4,000,000

2019 € 5,000,000


After introducing the new 'Design' collection and expanding the international sales, we expect a substantial grow up to € 1.3 million turnover in 2016.

Invested so far

So far, the total investment in Saint Basics B.V. is € 718,000. From that amount € 636,000 is equity fund from the stakeholders. There are no bank loans.

Investment requirement

The goal is to obtain a capital of € 120,000 with this crowdfunding campaign in exchange of 8% of the equity fund.

Purpose of investment

Our goal is to create a new colourful 'Design' collection for men and woman. The raised capital will be used for design development, production of the design and marketing.


Forecast EBITDA next five years:

2015 € 80,000

2016 € 270,000

2017 € 700,000

2018 € 1,500,000

2019 € 1,800,000

The company has a current valuation of € 1.5 million. The intention is to buy-out or sell the Symbid-shares in Saint Basics in 2019. With the current forecast, we believe that Saint Basics can grow to a valuation of € 6 million in 2019.


Our main marketing risk is that 'eco' becomes mainstream and is not a USP anymore. When that happens, our aim to contribute to a better clothing industry is achieved. 

But we are a long way away from that turning point. And in the meantime, we strive to conquer our own market place next to the main underwear brands. The sooner we start, the better!