This is an equity investment opportunity. Through equity crowdfunding you can invest in a start-up or small business and profit from growth in the value of the business.
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Jermaine Moerli team 12
Jermaine Moerli Rotterdam, NL


It’s our mission to make swimming safer and more fun for kidz worldwide. We invented a product (patent pending) against slipping. HELP KIDZ NEVER TO SLIP AGAIN!

$116,442 INVESTED
Minimum target amount
Small_thumb_ockyz-logo-zonderdd-400px OCKYZ: SAFETY and FUN for KIDZ
The concept


The last sprint! 

There is still much enthusiasm of investors in our Crowdfunding Campaign. Our next step, after product development, is to attract professional investors for the financing of our Marketing and Branding activities. If we can finance a part of these funds by Crowdfunding, it has our preference. So we have decided to raise the crowdfunding ceiling to € 100,000.

The Original Crowdfunding campaing was to sell 3% equity and raise € 75,000 mostly for further development of our products. This stage we've completed succesfully. So thank you very much for that, new shareholders!

Please don't wait to take action, if you've already decided to invest. This might be your last chance to become a shareholder of Ockyz as a private person! We will not raise the ceiling again. INVEST NOW!



We are developing a product to prevent kids from slipping around swimming pools. We have a patent pending as off October, 2nd 2014. As we will put a lot of effort and money in Marketing & Branding our anti slip product, we've decided to launch a cool, trustworthy premium swimwear brand for kids as well. This brand will have a strong focus on fashion and design, that lives up to customers’ expectations. Furthermore we will also exploit the octopus logo. The octopus logo will be used as a main cartoon character in future music singles, books, games and movies of the company. This will enhance the empathy children will have for the brand.

Product Features



Usability (easy to wear) 

Open toes, feels as walking on bare feet, swimming with bare feet



Material Property’s

Water resistant / Dry Quickly


Anti Bacterial/  UV Proof

Ergonomic/ Perfect Fit


Unique Selling Points

The product we are developing is a swimming sock with special innovative features, for instance: open toes, thin, light and fashionable. It makes the kids feel as if they are swimming and walking with bare feet. We have a patent pending as off  October, 2nd 2014. Our product is unique, worldwide.

Revenue model

- Sales of Swimming Socks

- Sales of Swimming Clothes

- Sales of Toys

- Internal Revenue Models for Games, Music Singles and Swipes

- VIP Subscriptions for Fans (VIPS are getting substantial discounts)

- Licensing in the Future


We welcome everyone as a shareholder!

It is possible to become a shareholder as of € 20. 

We have a Facebook Fanpage with more than 30,000 likes, we only need 3,750 of them to invest € 20. 

So YOUR € 20 really matters! Thank you very much!!!

Investment of € 100 or more: 

- You become shareholder for the total amount you invest plus

- discount of 25% for 1 product (whole assortment)

Investment of € 240 or more: VIP MEMBERSHIP!

- You become shareholder for the total amount  you invest plus

- one pair of Ockyz socks for free plus

- permanent discount (10% - 25%) in 2015 (one year) over all our new products

Investment of € 1000 or more: INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP!

- You become shareholder for the total amount you invest  plus

- VIP Membership (one year) plus

- Two (networking) events every year, for a period of five years, with the management team of Ockyz, the Advisory Board and other Inner Circle Members.

Achieved so far

- Patent Pending Anti Slip Swimming Sock, October 2 nd 2014

- Designs Swimming Clothing Line, Production Q1 2015

- Designs and Sourcing of 1 st Ockyz Toys, production Q1 2015.

- Music Single Ockyz, September 2014 (to do: animation video)

- Board of Advisors, 5 persons with a track record in their field

- Partnership with Innosport, Dutch Foundation for sports innovation.

- More than 30,000 fans on Facebook. 


Required investment and purpose

Investment Plan

Required Investment:      € 100,000

Use of Funds:

- Product Development: € 65,000

- Marketing:                    € 35,000

For the investor

Best Case Scenario:

Ockyz goes viral within the next five years and becomes a dominant brand for children´s sport and swimwear globally and our amazing USP, the anti slip swimming sock succeeds globally as well: More than 100 times the return of YOUR investment.

Astrid Ras
Manager Design & Production

Astrid will be the head designer of Ockyz. She will be responsible for the production, fashion and design of the (swimming) clothing line. Astrid has more than 30 years of experience in the field of fashion, knitting, weaving and clothing lines. She has an excellent insight in the field of production, lead processes, sales and marketing. She also had the experience of a successful exit in the past

Jan de Jong
Product Development and Sourcing

Jan will be responsible for the production process, contracting with fabrics and sourcing of new products and materials for Ockyz. He is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of more than 30 years in sourcing and production. His competences lie mainly in the fashion and confection industry. He also has experienced a successful exit of one of his former companies.

Mohammed Iaallala
International Relations & Sales

Mohammed will focus on the international development of the Ockyz brand and Sales. As an International Trade & Investment Specialist for the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion and CGCB International B.V. he has gained strong experience in this field and has assisted many European companies to develop their business into new markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Wendy Hoang
International Relations & Sales

Wendy is a serial entrepreneur with a track record as a sales and customer service manager in the Insurance Industry. She has an extensive network in Asia and a passion for fashion and design. Her primary focus will be on Sales of the swimming socks, B2B, and the Account and Sales management for the Insurance Industry. This industry could save a lot of money if less accidents happen.

Arjen Aanen
Business Development E commerce

Arjen will focus on Business Development Ecommerce for Ockyz. He is a highly skilled business developer and marketing professional with a broad knowledge and experience in the field of marketing research, market analysis , business development, product development and customer satisfaction. He has worked in a variety of business development roles at multinationals like ADP and Hewlett Packard.

Kwan Chan
Manager Finance

Kwan has a background in economics and business and will be responsible for the Finance of Ockyz. He has worked as an Finance Analyst at Adcorporate, Robeco and ING Bank. In 2011 he co-founded CGCB International BV, an investment and business advisory services firm with a special focus on Asia providing services in M&A, Acquisition Finance and International Trade & Investments.

Jermaine Moerli
Chief Executive Officer

Jermaine has, with great success, formed a professional management team of entrepreneurs and a very high level advisory board. As an experienced recruiter and serial entrepreneur he highly values the importance of putting together an excellent team. Besides managing the team, Jermaine will focus on the promotion of the Ockyz brand and on attracting investors to fund the company's future growth.

The product

We are developing a product to prevent children from slipping around swimming pools.  Swimming pools must find a balance between a smooth and rough floor (less hygienic), so there is always some degree of danger. The product we have developed is a swimming sock with special innovative features, for instance, open toes, that makes the consumer feel as if he, she swims and walks with bare feet. The target group will be children between the age of 1 and 7 years. The brand will be a premium brand.

Furthermore we will also exploit the octopus logo, which will be used as a main cartoon character in future music singles, books, games and movies of the company, which will enhance the empathy children will have for the brand.

We are now in the process of recording a music single in English. We will also develop an animation video for this single. Our goal is to make this single go viral so it can help with the promotion of the brand.

Unique Selling Points

1) For the anti-slip swimming sock we have a patent pending as off  October, 2nd 2014. 

2) Branding of the Logo. The octopus will be used as a main cartoon character in the future music singles, books and movies of the company, which enhances the empathy children will have with the brand.

3) Packaging and Sustainability. All the packaging will be fashion designed bags the children can use for their toys or swimming suits. In that perspective, everything should useful, so the customer doesn’t have to throw anything away.

4) Fashion and Design. The styling is the perfect opportunity to differentiate the Ockyz product from competitors and to be respected for its uniqueness. We focus on the leisure market and on children , whereas Speedo and Arena (market leader and follower) focus on professionals and adults.

Revenue model

- Sales of Swimming Socks, Swimming Clothes, Toys

- Internal Revenue Models for Games, Music Singles and Swipes

- VIP Subscriptions for Fans (VIPS are getting substantial discounts)

- Licensing in the Future


We plan to distribute Ockyz products in 2015 in the European countries Germany, United Kingdom and the Benelux countries through E commerce (Webshop) and Internet Market Places (Fulfilment by Amazon). In 2016, 2017 we plan to expand to international markets such as the USA, Canada, Japan, France, Spain, Italy and the BRIC countries. 

We also plan to distribute in 2016 Germany, United Kingdom and the Benelux countries through retail channels. In 2017, 2018 we plan to expand to other international markets through retail channels.

Planned developments

Anti Slip Swimming Socks

The planning is that the product will be available in Q2 2015 for the market.

Designs Swimwear Collection

The products will be available for the market Q1 2015.

Music Single

The music single will be launched in Q2 2015.

Ockyz Toys

Production Q1 2015

Ockyz Swipes (digital books)

Sales Q1 2015

Target group

Women between the ages of 25 and 40 years, with one or more children will be the main customers for Ockyz. Children, between the age of 1 and 7 are the target audience. 

Market size

The world market for swimwear and beachwear is projected to exceed 17,6 billion dollars by 2015. The industry for children’s swimwear is growing with nearly 25% per year. The European Union accounts for 34% of the total swimwear industry’s output. Research shows that 63% of the swimwear bought is meant for leisure related activities.  Children are approximately 20% of the total market.  


There are no companies in the world market that have a dominant position in swimming sportswear for children. The great swim wear brands such as Arena and Speedo do produce children's swimwear, but their focus is mainly on the adult and professional swimwear market. This is an opportunity for Ockyz. 

Customer feedback

On 4 February 2014 we founded the Facebook Page, we have over 30,000 likes at the moment. There is a lot of positive feedback on our Facebook Page, a lot of people are curious when the products will be available.

Sales pitch

Our mission is to Contribute to a Colourful Life and the Safety and Pleasure of Children. Every child that we can prevent from having an accident is giving fulfillment to our mission. Kids just want to have fun, and parents don't want to worry, as they worry enough. If we could save just one child in this world, by doing what we are doing, it is all worth it. Furthermore, we want to bring more colour in their swimming experience by creating a cool, trustworthy premium brand with a strong focus on fashion, colour and design.

Marketing & sales channels

Marketing Channels:

- Social Media channels

- (Online) Magazines

- Branding by association (Celebrities)

- Banners, Google

- Blogs for Kids Fashion

- Entertainment/ You Tube

Sales Channels:

- Webshop (own and from third parties)

- Leading Internet Market Places with Fulfilment programs (Amazon)

- Retail (as of 2016)

- White Labels for Swimming socks

Marketing objective

Our goal is to DOMINATE (market leader) the markets for swimming and sportswear in the LEISURE markets we are operating in, for the specific target group, kids between 1 and 7 years of age. This within 5 years after introduction in a specific country.


Ockyz has entered a strategic cooperation with InnoSportNL and InnoSportLab. InnoSportNL is a Dutch Foundation that focuses on sports innovation. They organize national and international networking events regarding Sports innovation. 

Projected turnover

2015:  €      1,500,000

2016:  €    10,000,000
2017:  €    30,000,000
2018:  €    60,000,000
2019:  €  120,000,000 



1) 2015 Benelux, UK, Germany

2) 2016 Expand to USA, France, Italy, Spain

3) 2017 Expand to BRIC, Canada, Japan

Growth Market share: Swimwear, Leisure, Kids 1-7 years (per country, after introduction in that specific market)

Year 1: 1%

Year 2: 2%

Year 3: 3%

Year 4: 5%

Year 5: 8%

Global Swimwear Market Children/ Leisure 2015

World         : €  2,500,000,000

EU:              €      700,000,000

EU (Big 5);   €     500,000,000

USA:            €     600,000,000
Growth: 25% annually of the global market, children, leisure

Average Selling Prices:

- Swimwear:            € 35

- Swimming socks:  € 10

- Merchandise:        € 10

Accessories (toys): € 10

Average Production costs: 1/4 of Selling Price

Invested so far

So for we have invested € 100,000


R&D:                                                                  € 19,000

Marketing, Sales & (Graphical) Design:           € 23,000

Management Team Costs:                               € 36,000

Formation Expenses & Intellectual Property:  €  7,500

Office Costs:                                                    €  6,000

General Costs:                                                €  6,000

Personnel & Back Office:                                 €  2,500

Investment requirement

Investment Plan

Required Investment:                                                   € 100,000

Purpose of investment

Purpose Investment:

- Further Development and testing of the socks:         € 10,000

- Development Web shop and E commerce strategy:  € 15,000

- Development Music Single and promotion:               € 10,000

- Development of Swimwear Collection and Stock:     € 20,000

- Development of Swipes, Books and promotion:       € 10,000

- Other Promotional Activities:                                      € 35,000



Best Case Scenario:

Ockyz goes viral: 
More than 100 times return of the investment.

Worst Case Scenario:

Ockyz makes breakeven:
Between 50% and 100% return of the investment.

Most Likely Case Scenario:

Ockyz grows steadily:
Between 10 times and 100 times return of the investment.  


We have the intention to capture a dominant position in the next few years in the markets in which we operate. Dominant means that we reach a market share of 10% or more within 5 to 6 years. After 5 years we will look for a buyer. We found out that there a sufficient number of players in the market that have a strong distribution channel worldwide, active in sportswear, but do not have a dominant position in swimming sports. Especially not in the children's leisure swimwear market.



Currently there are no companies in the world market that have a dominant position in swimming sportswear for children. The current dominant parties focus on the adults in the market. The products are boring and sound and not really focusing on children. This is the same for the anti slip swimming socks. The patent (pending) for the anti slip product also gives the company a competitive advantage.

E-commerce and social media make it easier for a company like Ockyz Group B.V. to reach a larger audience in multiple countries with less money. With Fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon takes care of all the logistics and stocks for a very decent price.


1. There is no awareness for anti slip safety socks in the market. To make consumers embrace the product Ockyz will have to put a lot of effort to create awareness and open up the market.

2. Different swimming cultures. Due to different swimming cultures some countries or swimming pools might not allow the swimming socks. On the contrary, others might embrace the product, mostly countries that value hygiene and safety very high.

3. The further development and innovation of companies that improve anti slip swimming floors. If floors are no longer slippery, there will no longer be a sufficient need for the anti slip swimming socks.

4. Legislation and labelling. Although will have the World´s Best Certificates and Testing Projects for our Safety Products like the anti slip socks, there are still some countries, like the USA, where we should operate carefully in order not to receive any claims or law suits.