This is an equity investment opportunity. Through equity crowdfunding you can invest in a start-up or small business and profit from growth in the value of the business.
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TruQu rating for professionals

TruQu is still raising! If you are interested to invest, click the investment button to inform us about it or call Bart Kollau on 0031626330887.

$111,784 INVESTED
Minimum target amount
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TruQu is expanding rapidly!! To realize our true potential we need a total funding amount of 300k. 96k is funded via crowdfunding but We are still raising funds. If you are still interested to invest please contact me, Bart Kollau, via email for more information and details, or click the invest button so we know you are interested., 0031626330887,

For more info about the funding need, click here for the investment memorandum.

TruQu is the first rating platform for professionals. After shoes, hotels and scooters, you can now also rate professionals. This is our third crowd funding round. Companies like Harvey Nash, Hewlett Packard, IT staffing, UWV and Aegon already use TruQu to get insights of the qualifications and skills of professionals. Professionals use TruQu to distinguish themselves. We aim at millions of users and a global roll out of the company. Truqu already makes a revenue and every day users and companies get "on board". Ratings & Reviews of professionals is the "new thing" in making the market for professional services more transparent. 

TruQu makes money on both companies and professionals. Companies pay for a business Dashboard. With a dashboard they can transform ratings & reviews in relevant data and information. Professionals pay for extra services like widgets and company pages. Both revenue models already take. 

Investors make a return on investment in three possible ways:

1. Yearly dividend on shares

2. Exit (when TruQu shares will be sold)

3. Sales of shares to other investors

The return on investment can be very high looking to the scalability of the concept

How does TruQu work?

TruQu is offering a platform for ratings & reviews of professionals with the following services:

1. Ratings & Reviews of professionals

With TruQu, a professional can create an account and start getting reviews & ratings on any activity (work, job, project, internship or any other activity). For every activity the professional can create questionnaires and send review requests to reviewers (clients, managers, co-workers or any other type of contact; 360 degree feedback based on performance).

2. Searching qualified professionals

Every visitor of can search directly for qualified professionals. Professionals can make their profile visible for everyone. In this manner, TruQu is the “” for professionals: a visitor searches for a professional, TruQu shows qualified professionals, and the visitor can contact the professional he or she prefers. TruQu only shows “qualified” professionals, which means that the professional has a full transparent profile with a minimum of 5 ratings.

3.Comparing qualified professionals

With TruQu, organisations can buy business accounts. Their business account allows them to invite professionals and let them get reviews & ratings. Organisations can also create their own review-templates (questionnaires) in order to retrieve comparable information about their professionals. With TruQu’s reporting modules, organisations can create any type of valuable information for their own use.

4.Branding of qualified professionals

With TruQu, vendors and intermediate parties can generate new business. They can “advertise” their professionals at TruQu. Or they can also buy a business dashboard on which they can compare professionals.

5.Contacting or “booking” of qualified professionals

When searching for qualified professionals, visitors can directly contact the professional or the company the professional is working for. Professionals or companies can brand themselves to contact or “book” the professional. “Booking” means establishing the contact between the professionals and the organisation looking for a professional. TruQu will encourage direct contact. TruQu will not make any money on the transaction. TruQu will only make money on the “branding” part, so we maintain our independent position. 

The product differentiates itself from competitors because of its focus on ratings & reviews. Easy to use product with a sole focus on ratings & reviews. We differentiate from Linkedin, because with Linkedin you can show what you did, with TruQu you can show how good you are on certain skills.

TruQu is very scalable. It can be used everywhere in the world. In potential all professionals can use TruQu. We are talking about billions of users

Talent will be scarce. The war of talent will continue in the coming years. Organisations are looking for new ways of finding the best qualified people when they need it.

Three trends have become visible:

1. Crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is a new phenomenon. With the emergence of this phenomenon there is new hope in an organisation’s ability to access specialized skills, allow for flexibility/agility in both people and cost, and to leverage a global resource pool with borderless deployment potential. Organisations want to be in control when recruiting or hiring professionals. And they are looking for new ways to find specialised skills. This is what crowdsourcing is all about.Crowdsourcing has evolved significantly, but essentially it involves obtaining information, input, intellect or effort for a particular task or project by enlisting the services of people, typically via the Internet.

Organisations looking for resources expect more transparency from professionals. Qualified professionals are becoming scarcer. Skills, competences and experience are becoming increasingly important for professionals in order to distinguish themselves from other professionals and for organisations to make it easier to hire the right skills when they need them. In the consumer market, everything is transparent and all buying decisions can be made with the right cost and right quality parameters. The market for professional workers, both employees and independent professionals, is not transparent at all. In the consumer market, hotels, washing machines, shoes and even scooters are presented online with ratings and reviews. Buyers take decisions on these ratings and reviews. These ratings and reviews will also become increasingly important for professionals, because the proof of their skills can be found in the performance of previous work, performance and activities

3. War for Talent.

At least in the coming five years the war for talent will be enormous. Companies will need resources, scarce resources. And professionals will look for new opportunities. Organisations might underestimate this trend, but the ones focussing on this trend will be the winners

So, the market is looking for a platform on which qualified professionals are presented and branded. Organisations want to search via this platform in order to find the right qualified professionals. So, the enrichment of a professional’s profile is a very important aspect. One of the most significant aspects of enriching a profile is reviews & ratings. Reviews and ratings of professionals will be, without doubt, one of the success factors in the world of crowdsourcing. 

The size of the market is a market of billions of users and euro's. Only in the Netherlands revenues of millions of euro's are possible. 

Competitors. Look at it from both sides. Purely looking to TruQu we do not have a computer. Looking to platforms where feedback is used in a certain way, we have hundreds of competitors, but they lack a focus on reviews & ratings. Linkedin, Tencent (chinese linked in), Baidu are potential competitors


(Online) Marketing is key for TruQu and therefore most of the marketing budget will be invested in online marketing. TruQu will 

activate new accounts and target new clients through social media, blogs, banners and other online channels. 

In addition, the aforementioned channels will be used to create more brand awareness for TruQu. In general, 

the following marketing actions will be in scope:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine advertising (SEA)
  • Email marketing (retaining customers by sharing interesting content, features and other information) 
  • Social media marketing (posting content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media)
  • Content marketing (creating unique content by sharing knowledge via blogs)
  • Viral marketing (TruQu users will be encouraged to share their reviews, to share updates, to invite friends, etc.)
  • (Free) publicity (media, online platforms, etc.)


TruQu is already realising revenues and  selling business accounts.

Sales will be executed online as well as offline. Big potential clients, large governmental organisations, banks or insurance companies will be visited and deals will be closed. Smaller and medium sized companies can buy services from TruQu online. The potential is enormous. Every organisation working with professionals is a target for TruQu.

Partners will also perform sales. Other organisations can also sell TruQu. We aim to create a network of sales partners.

Virals will also stimulate sales. We can stimulate users to create sales channels for TruQu. 

The paying customers with a business account are:

Harvey Nash (international it staffing in 42 countries), Aegon ,RDW, IT staffing, UWV, HRM profs, Salaris Profs, The Acceleration Group, Conspect, Human Capital Group,, KZA Yonder, Aranea en Navara. Those companies have just started to use TruQu. 

At this moment TruQu is holding commercial pitches at the following companies

Deloitte, KPMG, Sogeti, Atos, Ziggo, Essent, Hema, Nationale Nederlanden, Capgemini, Vanad Group, Rabobank International, Gemeente Rotterdam, Gemeente Utrecht, ANWB, NS and many more                              

Forecast profit & Loss for 2014-2017:

2014: Revenues of 150k and Net income of -285k

2015: Revenues of 532k and Net income of -401k

2016: Revenues of 1.650k and Net income of 120k

2017: Revenues of 4.025k and Net income of 1,966k


Because the business model consists of payments in advance, TruQu will generate a positive cash-flow early 2015 already. For details please study attachments

This year (2014) we will make a revenue of around EUR 150.000

So far a few tons of Euro's have been invested in the company. 

We now need EUR 300.000 of investment with a minimum of EUR 40.000. If we scale up, more investment might me needed in the future. Depending on fast of growth. 

We expect a return of investment of at least 400% in the coming years. This might be much higher if we connect with bigger networks.