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Gábor Margés Utrecht, NL

No longer in business MeetJune

MeetJune - The online global marketplace to discover unique and affordable travel experiences via meals, homestays and activities.

$87,331 INVESTED
Minimum target amount
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70% funding


We do like Mondays. The total invested amount went up to €45.620 which equals 70%

Many thanks to all our investors that became part of this amazing journey!

To all our followers,

We would love to have you on board as well. Here`s why ...

Benefit. We foresee our community to grow exponentially on a global basis, which will be highly beneficial for you as an investor. MeetJune is a very scalable company because every tourism attractive place in the world could serve as a host city.

Unique. MeetJune will be one of the first global travel platforms where travellers truly connect with locals, promoting unique experiences at the same time as creating a sustainable society through cultural exchange. The concept of MeetJune is based on the worldwide emerging trend of the sharing economy. The sharing economy is a new and smarter approach to business. It is a great alternative to the current unsustainable model. MeetJune not only offers unique travel experiences; it offers a new sustainable way of travel consumerism. 

Team. MeetJune is born out of passion for all things related to travel and the belief that local sharing withholds the future of travel. The company is led by three highly experienced and dedicated founders with an extensive travel, tourism and marketing background who are truly capable to turn MeetJune into a worldwide success.

Best, Gábor 

  • Gábor Margés
  • Posted over 5 years ago