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No longer in business BStriker International

Extra Investment opportunity closes end of January.
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$174,663 INVESTED
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No longer in business BStriker International

All investors thank you for making it possible to raise 150.000 EUR in just 11 days with an amazing last days in which we raised over 30%.

You will receive more information shortly and we will stay in touch via the Symbid Inner Circle.

We will do everything in our power to execute the roadmap as smooth and swift as the fundraising.

This might not be the obvious place to thank to you but we do not want you to miss out on our gratitude !

BStriker’s innovative and market disruptive software solution for fully automated software testing replaces the expensive, time consuming and mostly manual process of software testing.
Bstriker’s 2 products are:
BSmart: auto detect functionality, monetising starts July 2014.
BClean: auto fix functionality, next step innovation after BSmart’s introduction.

Both products make use of the innovative BRAIN.

The BRAIN is the selflearning center of knowledge

BSmart is the most powerful and complete solution to identify all software defects instantly, independently for all technologies, platforms and languages.
BSmart brings quality assurance within software developing to the next level, fundamentally and effectively improving the transparency, output and cost structure.

We have confirmed interest from governments and blue chip companies, gaming companies and banks.

BStriker International is a Dutch entity with a “software factory" in Cordoba, Argentina next to the testing departments of Yahoo, Intel and Motorola. BStrikers focus is truly international with not only a network and connections in The Netherlands or Argentina but also in Spain, USA and Russia.

BStriker's clients are predominantly interested in the increased level of quality and the strategic level of time saved on testing: development time reduced by 30% and testing time will be reduced to a minimum.

The amount of cost saved is of less importance for the clients but creates a win-win situation for BStriker and it's clients since there is no investment hurdle due to the absence of additional cost for the improvements received.

BStriker created the proof of concept and is looking for funding to expand the development team to create the monetizable version of BSmart.
BStriker applies for the innovation credit that wil fund 45% of the total development cost of BClean and BSmart. Bstriker received a positive advise in this respect from the Agentschap NL, the implementation agency.

In combination with the projected revenues from July 2014 BStriker will be cashflow positive and in 2015 profitable.

No other company offers this complete solution and as far as patent filing could show no other company will soon come to market with a comparable product. We have tested the market and without exception received positive reactions. In addition received many requests to make an appointment to demonstrate BSmart. A demonstrable version of BSmart will be used for the roadshow during Q1 and Q2 2014.

BStriker is the first to address the testing market (size 200 Billion USD according to Gartner) with a fully automated testing solution.

The solution is 100% scalable and therefore easy to duplicate or replicate for it's customers. A high EBITDA as a result makes BStriker not just a valuable company but also a cashflow generating company able to to pay out high levels of dividend, aimed at 15%.

It is expected that the company will have a sharp rise in value due to it's competitive advantages and a blue ocean market.

BStriker’s valuation according to Equidam is 15,5 M EUR. This extreme high valuation is mainly due to the valuation methods VC and DCF which predominantly take the future cashflows into account.

To make the proposition extremely interesting for early investors we discounted the valuation to the level of a high potential start-up i.e. 3 M EUR.

BStriker’s software solution BSmart makes use of  "The BRAIN" and identify all defects of a software application with the self-diagnosis feature instantly. Covering all platforms, operating systems and all development languages. BSmart is a software solution for which businesses can obtain a subscription per annum for the use. Build based on proven technology and techniques.

The innovative development roadmap of BStriker includes further development of BClean.

BClean is the autofix functionality which abolishes testing as we currently know it.

According to Forester and Gartner 200 Billion USD is spend on testing and repair annually. In the market we see open source products and paid for products. These products facilitate in Bug tracking and test-management only. Only BStriker offers the instant identification of all defects. HP is market leader (Gartner) with their product and is currently charging 10K USD per seat per month for their bug tracker and test management tool. The community testing market is charging between 15- and 50 USD per bug depending on the development cycle. BStriker is faster, better and cheaper (9 USD).

On average 50% of the development resources are absorb by testing for quality conscious companies. BStriker will cut the cost with 70% and results are instant saving more than 30% in development time (ISTQB standard). The market will evolve the coming years to more automation, BStriker offers a market disruptive revolution.

Currently the competitors are unable to supply the automated functionality which BStriker offers. This will give BStrikers its strong competitive advantage. The current market leaders will want to tap into this huge market as soon as BStriker proofs it's possble. The possibility of creating a similar product will not depend on the investment but on the quality of being innovative. So far history has proven that real innovation comes from out of the box thinking flexible small enterprises. Competitors will not be able to see the detail of the innovation and the patents will add additional complexity for competitors.

We have confirmed interest to acquire and act as beta tester from eg: Yahoo, Intel, Motorola, eRepublic and Ministry of Spanish Defense. We will use these names in the advertorials eg: Techcrunch. We will pro-actively banner and advertise to reach our targets. Product demonstrations on conferences. Partner with distributors to increase the local networks and expertise and to be able to directly contact potential clients. A senior business developer will attracted in time to optimize the sales from the marketing efforts.

Bstriker will start monetising in July 2014. The beta version of the product (BSmart) in combination with an QA expert will be offered to uplift the efficiency and quality of the software testing process with BStrikers clients.

BStriker has passed the first 2 steps in obtaining the innovation credit from the Dutch government. This credit will cover 45% of the development cost of the innovative product.

The credit in combination with the prudently low revenues will create a cashflow positive situation and therefore BStriker will be selfsupporting and no further dilution (funding round) is anticipated to be necessary.

The early stage funding via direct investment and the crowd funding is used to create the monetizable Beta version of Bsmart.