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No longer in business - CityShare

Sharing travel tips is now crazy simple!

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Small_thumb_profile_picture No longer in business - CityShare

We solve a well-known problem.

Imagine planning a trip to New York. You may want to have some recommendations on where to go for cocktails and kickstart coffees. Sure, you can go searching on TripAdvisor, but you don’t know the people that claim this new restaurant near Central Park is a ‘must visit’.

It’s better to ask your friends, right? But how do you get those recommendations? Let’s post it on Facebook… “Anyone tips for New York?”. Unfortunately, the first comment is “Go by plane!”. This is the whole point: you’re dependent on who will react. In addition, how to save the comments that are useful? Will you scroll through your timeline to find them again? Also 7 months later?

You probably got the point. CityShare is the solution for instantly finding recommendations from friends, save your own favorite locations and share them with your friends. That’s why we say:

Sharing travel tips is now crazy simple!

Here’s why CityShare is unique

In terms of its product, CityShare is unique because:

  • It saves an extreme amount of time as opposed to current options, thanks to its innovative design and user experience;

  • Quick global reach through the involvement of 60 influential bloggers; local marketing and up-to date hotspots through bloggers in 40 cities when launching;

  • CityShare is a solid and valuable name (registered as trademark);

Technically, CityShare has found ways to position itself differently, less dependable, and cost efficient:

  • Offline usage thanks to the ‘Decks’;

  • Hybrid choice for data storage: own servers optimized by cloud software;

  • Focus on open source solutions; e.g. OpenStreetMaps supported instead of full integration of Google Maps and Points Of Interest.

Here’s how your investment can make a difference

The new Facebook, Pinterest, Isn’t it cool to be both a user and an investor in a fast growing social network?!

We believe it’s in the spirit of the time to offer you this opportunity. Think about the situation in which a lot of friends starting to use CityShare and you simply see your investment working out.

Have a look at our financials in the tab above called ‘plan’, download our attachments, and get a better understanding why your investment makes a difference.


>> check out the important status update (14 February) with regard to the new start for the campaign <<

Based on extensive problem interviews we have identified 2 stereotype Internet users:

1. Users that prefer design & experience;
2. Users who seek for functionality & effectiveness.

CityShare creates optimum conditions for both groups by being a cool brand and stick to Apple's Human Interface Principles. More specifically, our visual designer and interaction designer have worked together for more than 4 years within this field of tension by creating beautiful designs and keeping it simple. This experience is combined with a focus on the user experience psychology of Nir Eyal (, who is an expert on boosting user engagement through optimal user experience.

Why did we choose to launch for iPhone? Based on extensive research in the mobile & travel marketplace we have found several influencing criteria that made the decision to launch on the iPhone platform - instead of Android or Windows - logical. Think about people having a high income, traveling more than 5x per annum, and who identify themselves as an early adopter.

Most viral social networks share the characteristic that their app can be downloaded for free. We share this vision of keeping the service available at a free basis and focus on a fast growing community. In line with this, we will launch an Android app when we’ve penetrated the iPhone user group on a significant level. Based on user feedback, we’ll introduce new functionalities in the near future.

To get a better understanding of the functionalities you can view our product presentation: 

Around 75 potential users with different demographics and online behavior have been interviewed. The results obviously made clear that there isn’t a solution yet in the marketplace for the problem of finding travel tips from friends, saving your own, and sharing those favorite locations all featured in one application.

In terms of product development, we have followed the method of ‘Running Lean’ from Ash Maurya ( Therefore, our minimal viable product (MVP) has been tested by 100 beta testers.

In line with these outcomes CityShare claims it is the right moment to launch this product because there are several major influential macro-level factors that can boost its success:

1. International travel is on the rise (+ 4.0% in 2012; UNWTO)

2. City trips are getting more popular (2012; UNWTO)

3. Location based services are growing extremely (global ‘LBS’ will more than double this year up to 2015; Pyramid Research)

4. Social media usage is still growing on a global scale (+ 19.2% in 2012; eMarketeer)

5. On-the-go devices are selling like Coca Cola these days (+ 42.5% in 2012; IDC)

All startups show skyrocket lines in their growth model, right? However, in order to even get this line up you need to invest in relationships. People who believe in the product, want to identify themselves with CityShare, and even promote it on a frequent basis. We have built a broad group of involved people, of which the bloggers are a good example. They are all involved based on their believe in CityShare and of course their enthusiasm for blogging about cool places in their city.

The following pre-launch marketing results will contribute to a kickstart in terms of growth. We have:

• welcomed 200 highly involved beta-testers;

• welcomed 60 highly involved and influential bloggers around the world;

• noticed that 40% of current sign-ups on the website are from the US (these signups will get a notification when we launch);

• closed a partnership with Dutch TV-broadcaster ‘BNN’;

• welcomed ambassadors like Dutch travel icon Chris Zegers and Geraldine Kemper;

• thoroughly selected targeted users based on extensive user group analysis and following the principles of ‘The Tipping Point’ (Malcolm Gladwell; 2000); and

• designed a series of infographics to effectively spread the word.

Furthermore, last October we got selected for attending the WebSummit in Dublin. This is Europe’s biggest technology event. Around 500 startups got an invitation after a review of 5,000 applications. In addition, we have been featured as one of 50 high scoring startups by this event. We also got selected to pitch in the official pitch competition with only 100 early stage startups.

The activities as outlined above are focused on early-stage growth in the ‘validation phase’ (first 3-5 months*). We will launch 3 cities per week from launch date. This will result in key metrics that can be analyzed in order to learn how to launch the next cities more effectively. The bloggers will play an important role in this launch strategy with several online and offline marketing activities.

Throughout this process of growth we’ll focus on improving our user acquisition strategies and aim to partner with influential organizations in the travel sector, for which we are already having conversations on ‘VP e-commerce’ level. These partners could than function as a channel to achieve scalable customer acquisition in the ‘efficiency phase’ (5-6 months*).

* According to the four stages of startup development as identified by research project ‘The Startup Genome’ (


We succeeded a first investment round last year of EUR 70k. This money has been fully allocated for the development of the iPhone application and beta testing. Next to that, we used the money to invest in worldwide trademarks. Additional marketing costs (e.g. WebSummit) and the overall legal setup has also been paid through this investment. This investment has basically given us the chance to jump from the ‘discovery phase’ into the ‘validation phase’, which we will enter from launch. If we will succeed this EUR 80k funding round, you will give us the chance to make the most important step: from a succesful ‘validation phase’ to the ‘efficiency phase’. **

** According to the four stages of startup development as identified by research project ‘The Startup Genome’ (

We aim to provide full disclosure on our financial roadmap. Therefore, we have created the following files:

Valuation: it may sometimes be questionable how startups stick to a specific valutation. We aim for a valuation that fully supports our assumptions and found Equidam ( Their algorithm gathers financial data from different sources and combines these results with input from the founders of a startup. This method resulted in 5 different valuations, of which 2,8 million the highest. But do you really care about these scientific methods that result in a valuation? Probably not. We just want to give you a fair offer. That’s why we have full convidence in a 7,5% stake through a EUR 80.000,00 investment, which means a valuation of EUR 1.066.667 million.

Cash flow and ‘P&L’ (Profit & Loss): these pdf-files provide an overview of the important financial conditions for a startup; the cash flow and P&L. The data is prepared on a monthly basis.

Investment memorandum: this document basically outlines all major subjects relating to the proposed private offering. It does not constitute a legally binding agreement. It is set up to provide you a basic understanding of the financial and legal subjects that are set up for this investment. Furthermore, it covers an investment plan which outlines how we will allocate the investment of EUR 80.000,00 in order to create impact and let the return on your investment grow.

We advise you to take the time to study these documents in order to make a well-informed decision. Just send an e-mail to ‘’ if you have a specific question which you couldn’t find in the documentation. Check the file ‘IM_CityShare.pdf’ in the section ‘Investment Plan’ for more info on the use of proceeds. In addition, we have created several files for you in order to give you a better understanding on this opportunity.