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No longer in business - JAC< electric scooter (pledge)


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Small_thumb_marcel_profile No longer in business - JAC< electric scooter (pledge)

Hi! Thanks for checking out our project. With your help we would love to make our idea a reality and get JAC< on the streets as soon and with as many as possible. Your pledge will be invested to set up production of JAC<, an electric foldable scooter that you can bring and charge in your car or use in combination with public transport.

In this section, you can support the JAC< project by buying some interesting perks. Should you be interested in acquiring a share in LEEV Mobility by making an investment, please clicke here.

JAC< is a compact, foldable electric powered scooter. JAC< is an environmentally friendly, modern personal transporter for short distances in urban areas. An electric high-tech design product, that is easy to fold and to bring along, because of its low weight (< 20kg) and compact dimensions. JAC< is the perfect product for modern commuters. The JAC< can be charged in the back of you car and thus forms an extension of the car, to bridge the ‘final mile’ from parking place to final destination. JAC< responds to recent developments, in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to move around town by car, and city councils are tightening their policies in order to ban cars from cities or city centers. JAC< - either on its own or in combination with a car or public transport - provides an alternative for the modern urban commuter. Research has shown that 50% of all car trips in town are under 2 miles (!).

JAC< is currently developed to the point of a fully functional prototype. Market launch is scheduled for the summer of 2013.

LEEV Mobility is a spin-off of Dutch design firm Springtime who has partnered as shareholder with electronics developer Betronic Solutions. Both companies have a prolific background in electric mobility development and are supported by informal investors.

JAC< is a compact, foldable electric powered scooter. JAC< is an environmentally friendly, modern personal transporter for short distances in urban areas. An electric high-tech design product, that is easy to fold and to bring along, because of its low weight (< 20kg) and compact dimensions.


- Range: 20km (12,5 mls)

- Speed: 24 km/h (15 mls/h)

- Power: 350W, through a hub motor in the rear wheel

- Battery: lithium polymer

- Charging: 12 volts in car / 220 volts at home/in the office

- Brakes: 2 disc brakes

- Retail price: EUR 1.850 incl. 21% VAT

Foldability and weight

The JAC< has a patented (pending) folding system, allowing a very compact folded volume with a low total weigh, including battery.

- Dimensions: when folded, JAC< fits into the boot of a car (L x W x H = 100 x 30 x 40 cm)

- Weight: below 20 kg (44 Lbs)

Main USPs

- Clean zero emission urban transport

- Extension of the car's traveling range

- Vehicle can be charged during car journey and at home or work

- Easy to bring along (on trains, by car, in your apartment, to work

- Can also be used as an electric alternative to the folding bicycle in public transport. 


For JAC<, we anticipate a potential multimillion market. JAC< being in a new segment, this is difficult to prove at this stage, but the following data may serve as support for our expectations:

- In Europe alone, there are 1 million two-wheeled vehicles with an engine under 50cc

- The market estimates that 10-15% will be substituted by electric alternatives within the next 2-3 years

- Most of the current electric products offered in this segment are ad hoc (‘DIY’) solutions

- In 2009, 18,516 slow mopeds (< 25 km/h) were sold in the Netherlands (source: VWE).

- In 2011, 178,000 electric bicycles were sold in the Netherlands, 15% in volume and 39% in turnover of the total bicycle market.


Folding bikes used to be sold only to RV, boat and airplane owners. Now the folding bike becomes more and more popular. Using your bicycle and bringing it in trains and buses is not exceptional anymore and has become part of life. Sales of folding bikes in the US has increased from 0.2% in 2010 to 0.4% in 2011 of 16 M bikes in total.


the numbers of cars versus bikes indicates that people start to use other vehicles to commute towards and within cities. “About 2 to 2.5 million cars are sold in each of four EU countries a year, accounting for the lion's share of sales – those nations are France, Germany, Italy and the UK. These figures held very steady from 2000 to 2005, but after a brief upward bounce they appear to be heading steadily down. Germans buy the most bikes of all EU countries, at around 4 million a year. Perhaps surprisingly, the UK comes second at about 3.5 million. France and Italy rank third and fourth respectively, with bike and car sales fairly evenly matched at the moment, though cycle sales appear to be on the up in both countries.

With five cars for every four US citizens, and a seemingly long haul out of recession ahead, it seems car sales might have reached saturation point in America. If more cities could follow the lead of places like Portland, Oregon, then bike use and sales could skyrocket.”




At the time of the launch on the European market, the JAC< will need to be certified for public road usage. Right from the start JAC< can be certified for the Netherlands and Sweden as well as some other European countries, after which European certification may follow relatively quickly. Relevant contacts with the RDW (Dutch test institute) have been made and as soon as a pre-production unit is available, the final test can be executed. The JAC< will be classified in a new category of “Bijzondere voertuigen” (special vehicles) in the Netherlands.


JAC< drivers will be the ambassadors of the new way of transport within cities. The target user is the best ambassador you have to spread the word through social media. Enabling people to sell JAC< will make them even more fond of spreading word. LEEV constantly will provide the ambassadors with new fresh and exiting content. We are going to organize (sales) events and produce movies (and pictures) about how transport within city’s is changing and how JAC< is hooking on to this concept. With peer-to-peer sales a website will show you the nearest peer that is willing to give you a product demonstration and tells you about the ins and outs of the product.

Being present on the right spots and having fun with the product will generate free publicity. A good incentive structure will motivate ambassadors to do some marketing efforts themselves as well, using social media to spread the word again.



We introduce JAC< through the following independent distribution channels:

Automotive: We are looking for strategic partnerships with a car make (Lexus/Toyota, VW/Audi, BMW) or distributor. Through the dealer channel (showroom), the product will be offered on the basis of industry exclusiveness. The aim will be a joint promotion to use the product as part of a package with the car. This enables the dealer to cut the discount and/or include the product in the lease contract. The emphasis in our communication will be on extending the traveling range of the car in urban environments, combined with the eco-friendly character of JAC<.

High-end retail: Through high-end retail stores, we will achieve an optimal high-quality image, underlining the novelty aspect.

Electric vehicles/Two wheel channel: here too, the aim will be the upper end of the distribution channel and we will select a limited amount (5-10 in the Netherlands for example) of retailers in or around the big cities.

Online retail: In parallel to the channels above JAC< will be available online through our own web shop as well as other online specialists. We will deliver sold units through the selected retailers that will also offer the service. For units sold though our online sales, retailers will receive a lower margin then for those sold by themselves.

Peer-to-peer retail or Social Commerce: People that drive a JAC< are not only fond of the looks and it’s performance. A new way of moving around cities will get more and more popular; leaving your car outside the city and use JAC< for last mile transportation. JAC< drivers will be the ambassadors of this concept and will be keen to spread around their philosophy and talk about their tool that makes this happen. The target group is the best group to spread the word through social media. Enabling people to earn a bonus for demoing or selling JAC< will make them even more fond of spreading the story.

Crowd funding via Symbid

We feel that (partial) funding of the capital required by crowd funding has added value for our company. We trust that believers will participate in spreading the word about ‘their’ company and their JAC<. Also it will be some kind of market confirmation of our vision that will enable us to get additional funding. We regard every believer, also if they pledge the minimum amount of €20, as an ambassador and look forward to communicate on a regular basis to keep you posted in developments. 

So far, the founders of LEEV Mobility together with their investors funded all prototype development, initial marketing and PR, as well as all necessary technology developments. The EUR 75k we are seeking to receive from Symbid pledgers is needed to take us from our current prototype stage to an initial production run and order for the JAC<. More precisely, we will invest in set-up of production and tooling costs as well as further sales, marketing and PR expenses from your investment in LEEV Mobility. In Q1 a field test is scheduled by which time we need to have sufficient pre-production models in hand. In parallel LEEV is seeking for an additional € 440k in capital as order financing and to built an organization and finance future developments. Important to note that The EUR 75,000 funding alone will be sufficient to deliver the pre-ordered units.

Please refer to Symbid for further details about all legal aspects of your participation.

There are several ways to invest in LEEV Mobility. You have the choice to invest in equity, perks (pre-order a product or get another reward) or a combination of both. In this section you can pledge for the perks described; if you prefer to invest check out the JAC< plan under "equity projects". 

Should you have any questions about Symbid regulations, please don't hesitate to contact us through