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Get your hands on the world's first computer accessory that allows you - online - to physically reach out to someone over the internet.

(Formerly iCarezz 2)

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iCarezz is the first "social touch" computer accessory in history. It allows users, whether they be parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, boy- and girlfriends or daters, to "hold each others hand" while talking or chatting online. The first series iCarezz connects to a PC with a USB cable, but next generation models will connect to iPhone and Android smartphones, and possibly operate as standalone devices as well. While designing iCarezz, we have striven to create a Dutch Design product that is as mobile as technology allows.

iCarezz is a haptic computer accessory. Reach out to your loved one by hand, give your favorite game character a high five, all this online.

iCarezz is the first affordable haptic consumer product focused on the hand. It's customizable, with customization options for the surface. iCarezz connects with a USB cable to a PC today, and should go to iPhone and Android smartphones in the future. Also in plan: alerting you with light to incoming "hand calls" from your contacts. iCarezz is exciting and will become easy to take with you while traveling.


The product today is meant for early adopters. In addition to this group, we will also be testing our value and growth hypotheses with the following target groups:

  • Early adoptors

  • Girlfriends – boyfriends.

  • Parents – children / Grandparents – grandchildren.

  • Online chatters and online daters. The set of user in this group partly overlaps with the first, but contains older users too, as well as strangers.

  • People who suffer from deafblindness. The device is a means for them to communicate online with their loved ones. Models for this group will follow in at later stage, when the resolution is sufficiently high to allow for “tactile signing at a distance”.

  • The military. There are hundreds of thousands of soldiers stationed in countries around the world. The device can bring them in touch with their families back home.

  • Long term hospital patients. They would love to be close to their loved ones.

  • Computer game players. We shall have games developed that will use the technology and that will allow gamers to physically interact with game characters. This will be an entirely new entertainment experience.


The iCarezz will be available in retail stores in 2013. But before it will, it is only available via So grab your chance to be one of the first users and pre-order your device(s) now. Retail price is likely to be 2 times higher than the perk price on Symbid.

Holland Haptics has been funded with €20,000 from the first crowdfunding round (Jan-Jul 2012), and with an additional €110,000 from more friends and family.

The production of the first series will be funded by this new Symbid campaign. The money from the campaign will be used to prepare for CE certification of the product, for industrialization and for actual production.

This campaign is part of a larger investment round of 750,000 EUR. 15,000 is from this campaign and the rest will be raised from informal investors, and venture capital funds. The pre-money valuation of the company before this round is 2,127,857 EUR. The pre-money is fixed, and the extra investment raised is variable.

pre-money valuation + investment = post-money valuation

If we only manage to raise 15000 euros, the post money valuation of the company is (2,127,857+15000) = 2,142,857. In that case, the % of the company owned by you is 15,000 / 2,142,857 = 0.7%.

If we manage to raise the full 750,000 euros, the post money valuation of the company is (2,127,857 + 750,000) = 2,877,857. In that case the % of the company owned by you is 15,000 / 2,877,857 = 0.521%

So you will own a share in the company ranging from 0.521% to 0.7% depending on how much investment we raise.

Thank  you for your investment