This is an equity investment opportunity. Through equity crowdfunding you can invest in a start-up or small business and profit from growth in the value of the business.
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Planet B Ventures team 3
Planet B Ventures Amsterdam, NL is a publication that aims to bridge the gap between scientists and the crowd in the area of climate change and renewable energy.

$23,288 INVESTED
Minimum target amount


Bas Klaassen 's-Gravenhage
Small_thumb_sauls4 Berend de Jonge Pijnacker
Small_thumb_20130526_150843 Ed Creemers Maastricht
Small_thumb_image2_normal Freerk Bisschop Amsterdam
Small_thumb_symbid_logo2 Gianluca Valentini Rotterdam
Small_thumb_49942_807874240_2159624_q Gijs de Reeper Haarlem
Guilherme Mosaner São Paulo
Harry Inia Heeswijk-Dinther
Small_thumb_372213_100004093164055_1423439662_q Iginio Verroa São Paulo
Small_thumb_15436_192797054628_829644628_2795476_2626294_n Irmansyah Putera Rotterdam
Small_thumb_jasper Jasper de Gunst Rotterdam
Small_thumb_jasper_normal Jasper Vis Utrecht
Johannes Homan Bergschenhoek
Joost Knoll Haarlem
Small_thumb_foto_josine Josine Janssen Rotterdam
Small_thumb_marc Marc van Helvoort 's-Hertogenbosch
Marion Mulder Haarlem
Marjolein Denekamp Amsterdam
Small_thumb_mark Mark Mulder Amsterdam
Small_thumb_211652_788414687_5981211_q Oriol Pascual Barcelona
Small_thumb_275252_633665593_25615_q Rafael Ocaña Barcelona
Rens Stavorinus Berkel en Rodenrijs
Small_thumb_24c9a6c Sergio Torres Hilversum
Soham Malakar Paradip