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A new computer accessory, enabling people to physically touch each other over the internet. Adds the sense of touch to online communication.

(Formerly iCarezz)

$23,311 INVESTED
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Over 2.9 billion people own a computer. Several 100 million webcams are sold every year. The average time people spend online is growing worldwide. They can see and hear each other during their time online if they have a cam, a mic and speakers. But they cannot touch each other. The is no affordable computer accessory for feeling. Our new haptic device changes that.

The markets are numerous: computer games with realistic physical interaction between player and game character, girl- and boyfriend making their chat session more enjoyable with physical touch, any situation in which intimacy is welcomed, families with one family member in hospital for an extended time (imaging touching hands with your child, husband or wife while they are away), educational serious games with a haptic user interface making school games more lively, there are so many application fields.

We bring the physical sense of touch to communication between individual internet users and between game characters and players. It is as if you are standing next to the other. And we do this with an affordable device.


The new computer accessory will be packaged together with webcams, allowing the customer to buy a higher value product and get acquainted with the technology. This will allow the product to be distributed through existing computer accessory sales channels, in Europe but also in the US and Asia.


In addition, separate marketing efforts will aim at the early adopters. Both strategies together will create the means to further develop business and funding for making the product more mainstream and improving the sensitivity.


It is understood that the product is likely to be of considerable value in the adult internet industry. While we encourage this to create cash flow, marketing efforts will focus on maintaining a “neutral” brand and image of the product, much the same as is the case for the webcam.


The product is a new computer accessory, able to connect to both PC's and tablets.

A pre-feasibility study was performed in 2009 by Momentum Interaction, a technical design company in Utrecht, the Netherlands. They investigated existing literature and patents and assessed several technological paths towards a final product, and made recommendations for a next step.

Based on these recommendations, Momentum Interaction continued in 2010 to build a technical pre-prototype. This pre-prototype was delivered early 2011. The scope was limited to two communicating units, where each unit is an envisaged component of the future larger system. A full device, the demonstrator, will be made up of a number of these.

The next step will include a miniaturization of the unit and the production of a full scale demonstrator. The Symbid budget will pay for the demonstrator production.

You can invest starting at € 20. If you invest € 200 or more, we will send you the final product once it is ready and produced. We are convinced you will enjoy being one of the early adopters!

So far, the founder of the business funded all feasibility studies and prototype development work from his own savings, assisted by funds from his family and by innovation subsidies from the Dutch government.

The € 20,000 we are seeking from Symbid investors is needed to produce the full scale demonstrator. Invest, receive your shares and be part of the start of this game changing technology!