Companies to invest in

Be a Saint. Share the growth!

Saint Basics is already the greenest basics brand in the Netherlands. With your help, it takes just a small step to claim international success.

80 Days $112,220 INVESTED image 87% realised
images $129,660 required
8% equity
$1.62 M valuation

the Be.e - Biobased e-scooter

The Be.e is an innovative and iconic electric scooter. Sustainable materials and high-end technology are combined to create a compelling driving experience.

27 Days $49,292 INVESTED image 65% realised
images $75,635 required
7% equity
$1.08 M valuation


MeetJune - The online global marketplace to discover unique and affordable travel experiences via meals, homestays and activities.

52 Days $26,429 INVESTED image 38% realised
images $70,232 required
12% equity
$585,270 valuation


Rental service for designer handbags to consumers who can't afford to purchase the latest must have items.

73 Days $11,258 INVESTED image 26% realised
images $43,220 required
20% equity
$216,100 valuation