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JOBS Act Countdown! With 180 days left, industry leaders discuss the evolution of crowdfunding in the U.S.


On Wednesday, July 18, hosted a webinar with leaders of the emerging crowdfunding industry on how the new framework and regulations are taking shape under the JOBS Act. also presented our latest industry research. You can watch video of the webinar in its entirety below and find a full list of the participants and topics covered in this earlier post.

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Posted almost 7 years ago

How to crowdfund your company on Symbid

Blog Funding on Symbid

With the recent remarkable successes at Kickstarter,(read more about some stories here) it has become clear that crowdfunding (raising money from a large crowd of people, often through the Internet) can be used for significant investments. Kickstarter however is best known for funding artistic projects and new products/gadgets and does not give a share of profits to participants. Can you also crowdfund a business plan and share your profit with your investors?

Some entrepreneurs from The Netherlands think so and they started Symbid), a platform for crowdfunding businesses. To find out whether this really works, I interviewed Aernoud Dekker, CEO of SellAnApp, one of the first companies funded via Symbid.

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Posted almost 7 years ago

The Role of Crowdfunding in Early Stage Investing: a Symbid Contribution




The main topic of the EBAN Congress was “Access to Finance to Fuel Entrepreneurial Growth.”

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Posted almost 7 years ago

Could a Social-Media Tool Increase Kindness?




When I lived in downtown Boston, I was surprised by how standoffish everyone in my apartment building was. We would see each other twice a day in the elevator but we'd rarely exchange a word of greeting or acknowledgment. It was so bad, I remember thinking to myself at one point: Maybe this building is in the witness relocation program, and people are afraid they'll be recognized.

by Grant McCracken | 7:30 AM June 12, 2012

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Posted about 7 years ago
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