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the Be.e - Biobased e-scooter

The Be.e is an innovative and iconic electric scooter. Sustainable materials and high-end technology are combined to create a compelling driving experience.

11 Days $60,055 INVESTED image 77% realised
images $77,907 required
7% equity
$1.11 M valuation


MeetJune - The online global marketplace to discover unique and affordable travel experiences via meals, homestays and activities.

36 Days $29,827 INVESTED image 41% realised
images $72,343 required
12% equity
$602,858 valuation


Rental service for designer handbags to consumers who can't afford to purchase the latest must have items.

57 Days $11,908 INVESTED image 27% realised
images $44,518 required
20% equity
$222,594 valuation

Be a Saint. Share the growth!

Saint Basics is already the greenest basics brand in the Netherlands. With your help, it takes just a small step to claim international success.

$166,945 INVESTED image 100% realised
images $166,945 required
10% equity
$1.67 M valuation


How to profit from the enormous growth in online shopping! How to make an impact with your investment?

$94,602 INVESTED image 100% realised
images $94,602 required
10% equity
$946,024 valuation


It’s our mission to make swimming safer and more fun for kidz worldwide. We invented a product (patent pending) against slipping. HELP KIDZ NEVER TO SLIP AGAIN!

$111,297 INVESTED image 100% realised
images $111,297 required
4% equity
$2.78 M valuation

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15 days ago

MeetJune - The online global marketplace to discover unique and affordable travel experiences via meals, homestays and activities.

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Will Symbid Become the of SME Finance?

about 1 month ago

Symbid, a Dutch FinTech start-up founded in 2011, announced they have launched their new online platform called The Funding Network™. Symbid was one of first equity-based crowdfunding platforms but has transformed into a go-to platform for SMEs and investors

The Buzz

Obtaining a crowd of investors is is labor-intensive but also fun. There are a lot of professional investors, people with their own businesses who also want to find new investment opportunities and advisors.
testimonial image Peter Bosman Founder Bergerkaas
Symbid is the only platform in the Netherlands where investors become shareholders via a cooperative. Via financial partner InterSolve, the invested money is under supervision of the Dutch Authority Financial Markets and the Dutch Central Bank.
testimonial image Eric Recter Founder Kidswatcher