Companies to invest in

TruQu rating for professionals

TruQu is the first rating platform for professionals. Hotels, shoes, scooters can already be rated. Now its time for professionals. It's our third symbid-round!

93 Days $66,422 INVESTED image 88% realised
images $75,882 required
2.4% equity
$3.16 M valuation

Invest in food of the future !

Insect Europe has a mission: Make edible insects the most tasty, healthy, profitable and sustainable food for the future. Join our cause and invest now!

79 Days $43,960 INVESTED image 17% realised
images $252,940 required
15% equity
$1.69 M valuation

StoreCorporation Crowdfunding

How to profit from the enormous growth in online shopping! How to make an impact with your investment?

51 Days $59,137 INVESTED image 55% realised
images $107,499 required
10% equity
$1,074,995 valuation

Best of Breed Training

A lucrative opportunity to take advantage of the upturn in the economy and the rapid move towards online learning; based on an existing business.

86 Days $30,479 INVESTED image 24% realised
images $126,470 required
20% equity
$632,350 valuation

Communicate with a touch!

Let’s Touch is an App that allows users to communicate synchronously in real-time, without words, but just a touch, symbols, music and snapshots

58 Days $18,995 INVESTED image 50% realised
images $37,941 required
3% equity
$1.26 M valuation

SellanApp - Growth/Acquisition

We now launch our third campaign on Symbid. A campaign to implement our growth strategy that includes moving to Singapore and an acquisition.

69 Days $35,512 INVESTED image 56% realised
images $63,235 required
3.5% equity
$1.81 M valuation

Rate My Style

Rate My Style is THE new social media fashion app. Upload your outfit, get ratings and win prizes. The perfect advertisment platform for the fashion industry.

69 Days $37,485 INVESTED image 59% realised
images $63,235 required
30% equity
$210,783 valuation