Companies to invest in

StoreCorporation Crowdfunding

How to profit from the enormous growth in online shopping! How to make an impact with your investment?

72 Days $55,563 INVESTED image 52% realised
images $107,485 required
10% equity
$1,074,859 valuation

Communicate with a touch!

Let’s Touch is an App that allows users to communicate synchronously in real-time, without words, but just a touch, symbols, music and snapshots

79 Days $18,184 INVESTED image 48% realised
images $37,936 required
3% equity
$1.26 M valuation

SellanApp - Growth/Acquisition

We now launch our third campaign on Symbid. A campaign to implement our growth strategy that includes moving to Singapore and an acquisition.

12 Days $21,471 INVESTED image 34% realised
images $63,227 required
3.5% equity
$1.81 M valuation

Double Dutch Design

Help us revolutionize the bra industry! We are the customized lingeriebrand for cup D+, with the ease of a webshop and advice of a specialized lingerie-store.

9 Days $21,294 INVESTED image 26% realised
images $82,195 required
15% equity
$547,967 valuation