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StoreCorporation Crowdfunding

How to profit from the enormous growth in online shopping! How to make an impact with your investment?

81 Days $46,703 INVESTED image 43% realised
images $109,240 required
10% equity
$1,092,403 valuation

Communicate with a touch!

Let’s Touch is an App that allows users to communicate synchronously in real-time, without words, but just a touch, symbols, music and snapshots

88 Days $14,445 INVESTED image 37% realised
images $38,555 required
3% equity
$1.29 M valuation

Double Dutch Design

Help us revolutionize the bra industry! We are the customized lingeriebrand for cup D+, with the ease of a webshop and advice of a specialized lingerie-store.

18 Days $21,616 INVESTED image 26% realised
images $83,536 required
15% equity
$556,911 valuation


Sharing travel tips is now crazy simple!

$102,814 INVESTED image 100% realised
images $102,814 required
7.5% equity
$1.37 M valuation

'Created on Friday'

Innovative platform connecting high profile clients with creative minds in an exciting, fast video-based pitching contest. Next generation social media format.

$64,259 INVESTED image 100% realised
images $64,259 required
4.1% equity
$1.57 M valuation

SellanApp - Third Seed Round

A crowd funding platform that makes it possible for everyone to have their App Ideas developed, published and profitable.

$128,518 INVESTED image 100% realised
images $128,518 required
3.37% equity
$3.82 M valuation


Eating healthy time consuming or hard? SmoothieBox simplifies healthy eating with fruits, vegetables & recepies for freshly made smoothies.

60 Days $10,769 INVESTED image 8% realised
images $128,518 required
12.5% equity
$1,028,144 valuation

SellanApp - Growth/Acquisition

We now launch our third campaign on Symbid. A campaign to implement our growth strategy that includes moving to Singapore and an acquisition.

21 Days $7,762 INVESTED image 12% realised
images $64,259 required
3.5% equity
$1.84 M valuation

Spottiapp - Never miss a thing

Spottiapp is a mobile application that lets you leave a post (message) at a location, users around you can see those posts and thus see what is happening around

67 Days $18,378 INVESTED image 12% realised
images $148,438 required
25% equity
$593,753 valuation

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13 days ago

How to profit from the enormous growth in online shopping! How to make an impact with your investment?

image description

Is this odd-looking wind turbine the most efficient you can buy?

3 months ago

When it comes to producing wind energy, three-blade propeller turbine systems have been the gold standard for so long, they’ve become boring. Sure, engineers have put forth their fair share of alternate designs, but nothing has proven to be quite as efficient.

The Buzz

Symbid is the only platform in the Netherlands where investors become shareholders via a cooperative. Via financial partner InterSolve, the invested money is under supervision of the Dutch Authority Financial Markets and the Dutch Central Bank.
testimonial image Eric Recter Founder Kidswatcher
We think crowdfunding is a sympathetic way of financing and it costs little – just effort. You can ultimately raise a lot of external money. And attract people who will be, if everything goes well, ambassadors for your idea.
testimonial image Aernoud Dekker Founder SellanApp